TV actress Pavitra Punia has recently made a big statement about her onscreen intimate and romantic scene in which she says that she will not shoot intimate and romantic scenes in front of the camera. They have no meaning in that they will have to refuse to do a lot of work. She says during an interview, ‘I don’t like to do romantic scenes or where I have to expose my body for some scenes. That is why I recently refused to be a part of the two web serials. ‘

Pavitra Punia further states that, ‘Acting in front of the camera is not very easy for me. When you are in front of the camera, you have to face a lot of trouble. I respect every actor and actress who performs scenes like onscreen intimate and romantic scenes. It is good to see, but I always think that I need courage to do such a scene.

These days, Pavitra Punia has been in a lot of discussion about her relationship with actor Ejaz Khan. The two met in Bigg Boss season 14 and in this show they expressed their feelings to each other. According to media reports, Ejaz Khan and Pavitra are preparing to live in live-in soon.


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