Parth Samthan thanks Ekta Kapoor for breaking her chocolate boy image

Actor Parth Samthan will be seen in a stormy character in the upcoming series ‘Main Hero Bol Hoon’. He is also happy to change the image of his chocolate boy during many years of television. The actor has become a well-known face for his roles in serials like Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan and Kasauti Zindagi Ki. His clean image has led to a huge increase in his fans. However, he will be seen performing high octane action in Ekta Kapoor’s next production Main Hero Bolin Hoon.

Partha said, just wanting something is not enough. That desire, when you want to achieve something, as well as the desire to work hard, is the thing that makes a person great. I am truly thankful to Ekta (Kapoor) Maam for taking me forward and breaking the image of Chocolate Boy made for me. He constantly reminded me how important it is for an actor to not be locked into the same thing.

Let me tell you that Parth Samthan had become corona in the last days. Along with this, when talking about Parth’s personal life, the previous bisexual development, Gupta, had made serious allegations. Vikas Gupta wrote in a tweet, “I want to tell a little bit about myself. I fell in love with him regardless of his gender. He is just like me. I proudly say that I am biosexual. Priyank Sharma and No more blackmail, Parth Samthan. Thank you for calling me this. “


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