Most people are working from home due to the coronavirus epidemic. In such a recent survey, it has been found that during work from home, there is an increase in the happiness of those working people who are guardians of young children. At the same time, no significant change has been seen in the happiness of couples without children. Research by the Rutgers Business School has found that both parents feel better due to spending more time with children. 

In a research conducted by Rutgers University, the father who is helping to take care of the children , the researchers said that working parents are not only able to work more from home but also feel good because of spending time with children. According to the researchers, the happiness of both the parents is increasing due to fathers taking care of the children and helping in household chores. 

Women’s Productivity Increased –
Researcher Christina Durante said, “We found that the work productivity of working women is also increasing due to the fact that men contribute to household chores.” At the same time their work satisfaction is also increasing. 

Child Care
– Before the epidemic, only 15 percent of fathers used to give five hours of daily care, but during the epidemic this number has doubled to 29 percent.

Domestic work-
Before the epidemic, only 11 per cent men used to help in household chores for five hours a day, but during the epidemic this number has reached 20 per cent. They are now helping women in cooking and cleaning. 

Impact shown in the survey –
24 percent of working parents reported increased work satisfaction – Only
13% of children without working couples were able to experience work satisfaction –
30 percent of working parents accepted increased work productivity
21 percent without working Only couple of children could feel the increase in work productivity

– Future work will be outlined –
Based on the results of this survey, it will help to better prepare the work from home based on the results of this survey, said Yana Rodgars, a researcher at Rutgers University. When more and more fathers come forward to take care of the children, women will get more opportunity to think about their career advancement. 

Researchers advise
– – Manager should encourage his employees to support the family
– Employees should be discharged for domestic work under Sick Leave program
– Companies benefit employees under Employee Resource Group and Business Resource Group Should be given
– Male colleagues should take part in diagnosing the problem of female employees
– Government should make rules related to functioning so that people can also give time in home care.


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