DPS Indirapuram school management has accused the parents of being arbitrary in the matter of conducting the examination offline. Parents say that studies have been done online throughout the semester. Now the school had sought the opinion of parents for conducting online or offline examination. The school continues to harass parents despite many parents opposing the offline examination. On Saturday, parents who had come to meet the principal protested outside the school gate.

Several parents came to meet the Principal on Saturday at the DPS School located in the Ahimsa section of Indirapuram, but could not meet them. Parents Association President Priyanka Rana said that during the Corona period, the school had done online education for children.

The school management has suddenly scheduled the exam time. Now some children are out of the district. Most children are not mentally prepared for the exam. Despite this, the school management has said that they do not take the exam again and fail the children who did not take the exam. Whereas the school management should have scheduled the exam time after discussing with the parents. When the parents arrived to meet on Saturday, the principal refused. Angry parents protested outside the school. Later, the officers of the Association reached Indirapuram police station. Where he negotiated with the station in-charge and demanded a meeting between the guardian and the principal. In this regard, the school media in-charge, Aniket Tiwari, says that outsiders are being called and demonstrations are being conducted on the school, which can spoil school education and time. The school management has taken the decision only after taking feedback from the parents.


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