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Pandya Store 8th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with gautam announcing i need a proof against janardhan. He calls dev and asks did you get any evidence. Dev says no. Gautam says i went to janardhan’s residence, his sister admitted that they did the entirety, but we haven’t any evidence. Dev says don’t fear, we are able to get some evidence. Gautam asks how will i store pandya keep and shiva. Inspector offers the warrant. Dhara says we received’t step back. Shiva comes there. Raavi and dhara ask him why did he come. Shiva receives arrested. All people gets stunned. Suman says go away my son. Inspector says i will arrest you in case you do this. Shiva stops her. The store gets close. Shiva recalls the formative years. He is taken to the police van. The officer is about the lock the shop. Rishita comes and asks them to stop. Gautam and dev additionally come. Gautam says depart shiva, he is harmless. Inspector asks do you have got any proof. Rishita says i m the evidence, i m janardhan’s daughter, my circle of relatives deliberate to frame shiva. She suggests the video recording to the police. Inspector suggests the video to the officials. They launch shiva. Every body smiles. The shop receives open. The officer apologizes to suman for the hassle. The officials and police depart. Dhara says you saved the circle of relatives from shattering another time. She hugs rishita. Gautam hugs shiva. Suman says bravo rishita. Rishita thanks her. Shiva hugs suman.

Suman asks how often will you scare me. He’s taking suman to the shop. Kaka stops them. He gets a plate. He says our keep got stored yet again, dhara stored it ten years in the past, today another bahu rishita stored it. He asks the brothers and bahus to place their hand impressions on the wall before getting into the shop. All of them follow their hand prints. Jeevan ka ye pahiya…. Performs…. They all hug suman and enter the store. Its night time, dhara goes to shiva. She asks what happened, don’t lie to me, i’m able to read your eyes. Shiva says i m satisfactory as lifting sacks in the store, i went to apply thoughts and do some thing suitable, and this befell. She says you take all the troubles to your head, you don’t take all the burden, promise me. He guarantees her. She feeds him the kheer. Raavi comes and asks shall i keep the puris inside the refrigerator or no longer. Dhara asks her to feed kheer to shiva, she will be able to preserve the puris. Raavi feeds the kheer to shiva. He looks at her. He asks her to complete it. He is going. Raavi eats the kheer. They fall asleep. He thinks of the store. He thinks to consciousness elsewhere. He sees raavi and smiles. He sees a mosquito on her cheek. He scolds the mosquito and attempts to make it fly. He claps to kill the mosquito. She wakes up. He says its a mosquito, don’t pass. He pats on her face. He says mosquito got killed.

He cares for her. They remember their moments. Raabta…. Plays…. She says cross and sleep, let me sleep. He thinks what’s this new drama that i started liking you. Dev hugs rishita and says i really like you, thanks so much, you stored our circle of relatives once more. Rishita says dev you are my the entirety, i concept to go home and convince my mom and dad, however it could’t happen. He says at some point, the entirety can be nice. She says dad used to like me so much, he isn’t knowledge that i really like you, your own family accepted me, why isn’t my family accepting you. Dev says our family, they’ll also receive me, your dad’s anger will need time in calming down, someday the whole lot can be first-class, every person loves you. She says yes, but mum and dad’s love is irreplaceable, are you able to provide suman, dhara and gautam’s place to every person. He hugs her. Gautam sits working. He sees krish napping. Dhara comes.

Gautam says we stored our shop, we need to discover a new seller, we will’t accept as true with janardhan, we had plenty fees in the remaining months, we have to break the fd, sign on it. Dhara says you saved the cash through getting two brothers married at the same time, you have to spend cash for krish’s marriage, more 8 years time is there. Gautam says he will find a woman in 2 years. She laughs. She asks gautam to drink milk and doze off. He asks her to drink. Krish smiles in sleep. Gautam asks her to peer krish. Gautam and dhara have a sweet moment and smile. She says krish is right here, we are not in our bed room. He says excellent, top night time. They sleep within the hall. He thinks dhara doesn’t have a bed room, she thinks of all and sundry, however even she has a few needs. Dhara sleeps. Gautam looks at her.

Precap: suman says we will begin rasam. Kalyani and kamini come within the function. Rishita smiles.


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