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Pandya Store 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dhara and Raavi marinating the veggies. Dev requests that Rishita marinate the veggies, proceed to help. Rishita says no, I got nail treatment today, don’t offer plans to ruin it, let Dhara and Raavi do that. Gautam says Rishita will set huge fire with me. Shiva comes. Everybody grins seeing him. Raavi looks on. Dhara grins and takes Shiva to Raavi. She says my Shiva looks so attractive today, however nibbled deficient. She makes him remain with Raavi.

Dhara says don’t put garlic, Shiva doesn’t care for it. Raavi says taste will not come. Shiva says put the garlic, I can endure that in the event that I can endure you. He goes out of resentment. Dhara jokes on his outrage. Dev says he has a lot of fire, the whole haveli will get singed. Shiva requests that he come and battle. Gautam and Dhara stop them. Krish comes and plays a melody. Aaj ki party… plays… Krish moves and requests that they dance. Gautam requests that Dev break the stick and put it in the fire. Dev does as such. Gautam requests that Raavi break the stays together. Raavi attempts and asks how might the sticks break, its integrated up. He says fine, offer it to Rishita. Rishita attempts. Dev says single stick will break effectively, its a bundle, its difficult to break it. Gautam says indeed, it suggests to life additionally, all that will break assuming we stay alone, in the event that we stay together, the world will show homage us, Rishita its our solidarity to remain together.

Rishita says you are advising this to me since I had food with Dev alone, don’t you care for my sentiments, what’s going on did I do. Gautam says nothing, you have all the privilege on Dev, each young lady has dreams, I didn’t feel awful, however think we are numerous individuals, on the off chance that everybody makes food and eats alone, how might the family stay together, its about the sensation of solidarity. Dhara gestures. Gautam says we don’t simply eat food, we share our life’s day with one another, we think about other’s joy in a joint family, its obligation of everybody in the family, Rishita we are attempting to get you, you additionally attempt to get everybody, stroll with everybody, sit with everybody, its great to get love from family, we don’t have to discover bliss, you could wed Dev, not on the grounds that that Janardhan got frightened, or we showed homage your adoration, your marriage happened in light of the fact that Raavi ventured back and Shiva ventured ahead, they got together, really at that time you and Dev could meet up, assuming they turned narrow minded, I would have not advised this to you today. Rishita thinks. Krish says Gautam made Rishita puzzled today.

Shiva takes the barbecue stick. Raavi stops her. He doesn’t tune in and eats it. They contend. Rishita snickers and says sorry. Dhara says you look great when you chuckle, continue to snicker. Gautam requests that Shiva come. Shiva says Raavi is contending, she additionally needs an exercise. Krish jokes on Gautam. Gautam requests that Shiva proceed to get sticks. Shiva goes. Gautam pulls Krish’s ears. Krish says I was kidding, we are old, you are only a child, come we will move. Chali… plays… . Everybody moves. Dhara grins. Gautam converses with Kaka and says all is great, how is shop running.

Kaka says shop is running great, don’t stress, I m here. Gautam says I was strained about Janardhan, I think he got faculties presently, did you get the things I requested. Kaka says yes. Gautam closes call. Dhara embraces him and says Rishita didn’t answer you back, I think she understood her doing. Gautam says I would have not felt awful in the event that she replied, she is youthful young lady, she is irate, assuming she didn’t come on schedule, we would have Dev hitched to Raavi, she thinks its our slip-up, she needs our adoration and confidence. She says indeed, love recuperates any twisted, I will cherish every one of my children. He says its in our grasp, they are as yet juvenile, its our obligation to deal with them, Suman has trust from us. Dhara says indeed, we will keep our obligation, we won’t ever allow them to get isolated. He says your childhood is such, else Shiva would have not hitched Raavi, Dev would have gone out on Rishita’s maxim, we need to attempt to make them deal with issues firmly, we need to set them up for the existence’s test. They embrace.

Krish asks will we drop the arrangement. Shiva says no, plan will be set, I had blended thandai in drink, at that point Rishita will get terrified, we will unnerve her. Krish asks is this essential. Shiva says she will esteem family once we do this. Krish gestures.

Precap: Rishita gets frightened. Dev is resting. Shiva and Krish alarm her. She shouts.


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