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Pandya Store 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Raavi calling Krish. He says let me converse with my family once. He enlightens Inspector concerning Dhara and his siblings. He contends with the overseer. Overseer blows up and approaches him to beat. Suman says Janardhan will think a great deal prior to contacting my tiger Shiva, call him. Raavi calls Shiva. She says he isn’t replying. Gautam says Dev didn’t come till now. Shiva replies. He says she is anxious to go to the court, else she will not get separate. Raavi cries. Shiva stresses. He inquires as to for what reason are you crying. She says I m calling since much time,

we are so stressed. Gautam asks what occurred. Shiva asks don’t you need to go to the court. She says we can’t go. Dev requests that Shiva return home and converse with Raavi, yet scooty isn’t running great. Shiva asks what’s in your heart, tell me obviously. Gautam says she doesn’t need the separation, so she won’t the court. Shiva says quiet down Raavi. She says Dhara is missing, Gautam is additionally not here, Krish isn’t replying. Shiva says Gautam and Dev are with me, Krish would have headed off to college, how would you realize that Dhara is missing. She requests that he return home. Shiva says Gautam, we need to return home. They request that Kaka see the shop. They leave. The woman says I have another thing today, its new, season has begun. She sees Dhara.

Rishita is in the workplace. She gets Dev’s call. She separates. He calls once more. She accepts the call. She asks what occurred, you get disturbed, its my office’s first day. He says Dhara is missing. The woman requests that Rishita finish her work soon. He asks did you converse with Kirti. Rishita doesn’t pay attention to him and closures call. He says she simply focuses on her work. He calls her once more.

Suman says I m strained, call Dhara. Gautam, Shiva and Dev return home. Suman embraces them. She says I was so frightened, all of you didn’t reply. Gautam says we were at the shop, Shiva call Krish. Krish is in the lockup. Gautam inquires as to for what reason would Janardhan do anything. He checks Janardhan’s approach his telephone. Suman says I told you, call him. Gautam calls Janardhan. Janardhan says you would have the uplifting news, I let your better half know that nobody can save Krish from the police, he gets a kick out of the chance to take young ladies on bicycle,

perceive how he is getting pounded in the prison. Gautam asks Krish’s bicycle. Janardhan inquires as to why, didn’t your significant other let you know that Krish was taking my girl on his bicycle. Gautam yells. Janardhan requests that everybody have food. Shiva asks what did he say. Gautam says Suman was correct, Janardhan had seen Krish and Kirti going on the bicycle, he told this to Dhara. Dev says it implies she went to the police headquarters. Suman beats him and says you just got the hooligans’ little girl. She reproves Raavi moreover.

Shiva says I realize you are concerned, don’t vent outrage on everybody, we will go the police headquarters. Suman says no, take Raavi to the court and end this connection, Raavi disappear. Shiva says separate from hearing will return once more, its demon to get Dhara and Krish back. He asks Raavi what does she need, does she need to go to the court or not. Raavi signs no. She says Dhara and Krish are more pixie. Suman says take her and give her separation, else our connection will end. Shiva requests that she comprehend. She says take her and end the connection, Gautam and Dev will go to the police headquarters and get Dhara and Krish. Gautam says let it be on the off chance that they would prefer not to go to court. Suman says I will proceed to get Dhara and Krish back. Gautam says stop, we will proceed to get them, Shiva tell us in the event that you would prefer not to go to the court for another explanation. Shiva says nothing. Gautam says fine, then, at that point, go to the court. Shiva goes. Gautam says Raavi, I left expectation from Shiva, I have an expectation from you, consider joining a connection than breaking it.

Suman says proceed to help your better half, they don’t esteem their connection. Gautam goes. Suman requests that Raavi get out. Shiva sits tight for Raavi. She prepares and comes. He requests that she hold him, assuming she tumbles down, he needs to stop the scooty and they can’t arrive at the court. Yaadon ki baraat… .plays… she holds him. They leave. Prafulla yells Raavi, stop, I need to come. She requests that somebody give her lift to the court. The man jokes and requests that she pass by walk. Rishita says Dev isn’t noting now, he has inner self, I will take lift and go. Shiva and Raavi think about their marriage. Do buddy… .plays…

Precap: Gautam asks where is my significant other. Krish says Janardhan addressed Dhara, yet she didn’t come here. The woman says I m getting the thing, its great. She takes care of something to Dhara..


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