Pandya Store

Pandya Store 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Suman warding terrible sight off Dhara. Dhara says its simply to say, something has to happen, it happens. Suman cries. Dhara asks did you’ve got got something. Suman says I m now no longer hungry. Dhara says I gets some thing for you. Gautam and all of us come home. Dhara says the whole thing is shattered here, I will see this. Suman asks her now no longer to head upstairs, take rest. Dhara says it doesn’t matter, it’ll simply harm a bit. She is going. Krish says Dhara didn’t cry. Gautam says I m afraid for that. He asks Suman to address Dhara. Shiva asks Raavi to speak to Dhara. Suman says she won’t be fine, you’ve got got taken your spouse from here, however this Dhara is a damaged mum.

She says I m scared that she can also additionally do something wrong. Gautam cries. Suman says I instructed you now no longer to determine this alone. She slaps Gautam. Everyone receives shocked. She says you don’t recognise what it way to be a mum, you need to have instructed her ont the primary day itself, I assure that the child could had been alive, I instructed you, you all didn’t aid me, don’t cry now. She is going crying. Everyone hugs Gautam and cries. Gautam says I didn’t want to lose Dhara, why isn’t she telling something, pass and persuade Dhara, else you all don’t display me your face. They all hug Gautam and cry.

They all smooth the vicinity and choose the toys. They cry. The supervisor calls Kamini and says Rishita has visible us together. Kamini says she didn’t ask me. He says I tricked her. She says good, we should live alert, we can now no longer meet now, you understand what you need to do. He says yes, we can begin the mortgage recuperation and get their save shut. She says placed strain in Rishita to hurry up the paintings, their cash need to be spent, we need to play our move, she is distracted, we need to use her family’s helplessness. He says sure.

Dhara writes the expenses. Gautam comes. She lies to sleep. He apologizes to her. Shiva and Raavi paintings withinside the kitchen. He receives harm. She asks him what does he want. He says Dhara’s happiness and peace, I m scared for her, you’ve got got visible her, she misplaced her smile. Anita comes home. Prafulla asks wherein did you pass. Anita switches at the lights. Prafulla says its late, I m tensed. Anita says I had long gone for shopping. Prafulla says all of us is harm for Dhara’s loss, even though I hate her, however I sense terrible for her, you don’t have any heart. Anita laughs. She says I additionally sense terrible for Dhara, however Lord is on my side, Gautam will want a friend, that’s me, don’t get scared, emerge as the antique Prafulla who desired Pandya store. Shiva cries. Raavi says communicate to me. He asks her to masala tea for Dhara. She asks how do you understand this. Dhara and Gautam consider their child. They cry.

Dhara scolds Gautam and calls him her child’s murderer. Everyone seems on. Gautam cries..


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