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Pandya Store 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Janardhan halting Krish. He drives Kirti away. He lifts hand on Krish. Krish holds his hand and contends. Janardhan slaps him. He says you were attempting to hijack my little girl, I will see you and your siblings. Krish asks are you tanked. Janardhan requests that driver drop Kirti home.

He takes the bicycle keys. He slaps Krish and admonishes him. Suman sees the young ladies’ pics. She says the young lady ought to be superior to Raavi. Dhara awakens by a call. She says for what reason is Janardhan calling Gautam. She replies. Janardhan says your siblings need to demolish my regard, Krish was attempting to seize my little girl, I m taking him to the prison. She gets stunned.

Krish says its not at all like that. She yells Krish. Janardhan says tell Gautam that I m taking Krish to the prison, nobody can save him. Krish says I m fine. Kirti returns home and tells everything. Kalyani stresses. Kamini says we don’t have the foggiest idea about this, OK, assuming Janardhan asks, tell that you took lift from Krish, you didn’t realize he is Gautam’s sibling. Kirti says I will get slapped. Kalyani says as much what, you can take a few slaps for the good of the family. Kamini says I will deal with everything, relax.

Dhara cries and gets down on Dev, Shiva and Suman. She says I have Gautam’s telephone, how will I respond. She drops the telephone and runs. Anita searches for the women. She asks the woman where are her assistants, they tricked her. The woman chides her. She beats Anita and gets her. She says my sister is in the prison as a result of you, give me 1000rs. Anita nibbles her hand and runs. Janardhan says he has attempted to run off with my little girl, rebuff him. Assessor says relax, he can not repeat the experience. Krish says I was helping his little girl by dropping her home, Janardhan is risky, beat him. Investigator slaps him. Janardhan grins.

Overseer chastens him. Dhara runs out and about. Raavi searches for Dhara. Dhara blacks out down. A woman goes to actually look at Dhara. She asks what occurred. She requests that driver lift her. Suman comes. Raavi says Dhara is no place. Suman says I m coming from Kanta’s home, she isn’t there. She gets down on Dhara. Raavi says I went to Prafulla’s home. Suman inquires as to for what reason did you go there. Raavi says Kirti returned home,

I took Krish there to give him the bicycle to drop Kirti. Suman says Janardhan ought to have sent Kirti here to vanish Dhara, he got you and Shiva hijacked moreover. She stresses for Dhara. Raavi says I will call Gautam. She discovers the telephone fallen there. Suman says did they capture Dhara and Gautam too. Dev drops Rishita for the work. He embraces her and grins. He says the very best. She says thanks to him and goes. He acts hurt. She hurries to him and asks what occurred, are you fine. He says I was simply kidding. She goes grinning. Janardhan returns home and yells Kirti, come out.

Kamini asks what occurred. He blows up. She asks him not to beat Kirti. He says I feel you have done this, you had sent Kirti to wander around with Krish. She says shut up, its a strike, she didn’t get auto so she asked him for lift, she didn’t realize that Krish is Gautam’s sibling. He asks what was the need to request lift, she set off for college, how could she arrive at the market. He requests that Kirti come clean, for what reason did she go there.

Kirti cries. Kamini says I will advise you, she needed to get a few women things, will she get it before the driver. He says I will release it in case this is the matter, this shouldn’t occur once more. He goes. Dev stops the bicycle. He gets Raavi’s call. He checks the petroleum tank. He attempts to begin the bicycle. He says its past the point of no return, Raavi and Shiva need to go to the court by this bicycle/scooty. Suman says they don’t answer telephone when we need. Raavi says relax. Suman says somebody seized Dhara, you are asking me not to stress. Dhara is at the massage parlor. The woman checks out her and thinks her destiny is acceptable, just I can help her.


Raavi says Shiva, Dhara is missing. Shiva asks what do you mean. Gautam asks what, Dhara is missing. The woman attempts to sell Dhara.


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