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YPandya Store 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Suman saying I will get the kundalis coordinated also, then, at that point, Shiva will get hitched. Raavi sees Shiva. Suman says Raavi will get irritated in certain days, don’t see her, drop me to Kanta’s home, we will track down a decent collusion. Shiva asks is it pixie to do. Suman says its actual devil. Raavi goes. Kaki salutes Gautam and Dhara. Gautam says we need a girl. Dhara says I have implored not get any more distress and issues,

I appealed to God for the family, what occurred. He asks what did you petition God for me. She says you generally stay cheerful and keep me glad. Dekha pehli dafa… ..plays… He grins seeing her and kisses her. She glances around. She says what are you doing, you are kissing me on the lookout. He says I m kissing my better half, it doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that anybody sees. He drops her home. He says I need to go to the shop early, relax, I will have food there. She says fare thee well. He goes. She says he failed to remember the telephone, I should send this. She feels the child kicks.

Kirti likes Rishita’s garments. Kamini requests that Kirti go in the vehicle, however stop prior to arriving at Rishita’s home, driver shouldn’t know else he will tell Janardhan. Kirti says alright. Rishita says there is auto and taxi strike, how might I go there. Raavi gets tiffin. Rishita requests that Dev drop her to office. Dev says I m getting late, call the workplace and tell about the strike. She says you don’t need me to go for the work. Raavi takes care of her curd and sugar. Rishita asks did you add poison in this, to prevent me from going for the work. She snickers and says simply chill,

I was simply kidding. Raavi says don’t joke so. Rishita says Dhara would feel desirous that I m going for work. Raavi says no, she was feeling unsteady, she requested that I feed you curd and sugar, don’t continue to figure, you said all of you represented me, will not we represent you, the very best. Rishita says sorry and much obliged, the very best for court hearing. Dev says indeed, I will leave scooty here, you both can go. Krish jokes. Dev requests that Raavi reconsider, the two of them can’t survive without one another. Krish says he is saying right, reconsider.

Shiva and Gautam are at the shop. The woman says I can help Suman in discovering a partnership for Shiva, she is great. Shiva says fine, however I m not separated at this point, get her hitched to another person. Gautam says individuals will make talks, you can’t blow up on everybody, Raavi’s legal advisor can tell anything, you stay quiet, it’s anything but something conventional for a young lady to get separated, comprehend her sentiments. Shiva asks can’t folks have a similar aggravation in the event that they get separated. Gautam says Shiva is feeling awful, its great.

Krish goes to help Raavi in work. Raavi says let it be, I will wash. He says go, I will wash it well. He sits washing the utensils. Kirti gets back home. Krish checks out her. Music plays… He drops the utensils. Tune maari entriyaan… ..plays… .

Raavi comes. Kirti says I m Kirti, I became more acquainted with about Rishita’s work, I got desserts and presents for her. Raavi says she isn’t at home, its her work’s first day. Kirti says fine, I will go. She requests that Raavi request that her worker get a cart. He says there is a strike. Raavi says he isn’t a worker, he is my Devar, he is helping me. Kirti says yet he was washing utensils. Raavi says no, we as a whole assistance one another. Kirti says as much heartbroken. Raavi says stay here, I will make a few plans. She requests that Krish come and get the bicycle. He asks bicycle.

Prafulla says I will not sell the bicycle. The man says bicycle will get old till it get separated. Raavi accompanies Krish. They reprimand the person. Raavi requests the keys. Prafulla insults Krish. Raavi says Krish, drop Kirti on the bicycle, get petroleum from Jagat’s bicycle. Prafulla says nobody will contact my better half’s bicycle, petroleum is exorbitant, proceed to get it from petroleum siphon. Raavi says I m getting late, on the off chance that I get in court hearing, my separation will not occur. Prafulla says no. Raavi says I can deal with myself. Krish takes the petroleum in the jug and places in the new bicycle. Prafulla yells. Raavi says drop Kirti and get back home. Krish says its chance to turn into a legend, sit. They leave.

Kirti says its a LS house, they don’t have a worker. Raavi says Kirti, Krish will drop you. Kirti says OK much obliged. Krish takes Kirti. Kirti says truly heartbroken. Krish says its fine, I don’t feel awful of lovely young ladies’ words. She chuckles and expresses profound gratitude for dropping. Janardhan gets stunned seeing Kirti with Krish.

Precap: Janardhan slaps Krish. He records a report against Krish. Dhara gets a call. She hurries to the police headquarters. She blacks out and about…


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