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Pandya Store 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Krish announcing congrats for the marriage, contact his ft now. Rishita says they’re contemporary-day couple, they’ll have a hug. Suman asks what’s taking place here. Dev, Gautam, Shiva and Krish disappear. Suman sees the mangalsutra in Raavi’s neck. She asks how did this come here. Rishita says you instructed me to go back the mangalsutra to Raavi. Suman smiles. She thinks they’re fooling me, they don’t realize I m Maha Saas. She recollects seeing Rishi thieve the mangalsutra. Dhara asks Raavi to take Suman’s blessings. Suman asks her to realize its importance, its now no longer a elaborate necklace, black beads are a signal of Shiv ji, yellow gold of Parvati, you by no means dispose of this now. Raavi says I were given a 2nd chance, will I get forgiven. Suman says Shiv will forgive you, I m Maha Saas, recall my eyes are on you. She goes. Rishita hugs Raavi.

Everyone is happy. The visitors come withinside the celebration. They supply needs to Dhara and Suman. Suman says the celebration simply started, I can have many grandchildren. Kanta comes and greets Suman. Gautam is worried. Krish additionally congratulates them. Suman says Krish has were given many toys. Dev says we also are mad, we requested him to get the toys. Shiva says yes, the whole thing might be prepared until child comes. Krish performs with the toys. He says I m simply checking it. Suman says you’re nonetheless kiddish. They all dance. Gal mitthi mitthi….performs….

Raavi calls Shiva for the dance. He dances with her. Gautam dances with them. Dhara receives dizzy and faints at the swing. Gautama sees her and shouts Dhara. Everyone worries. Suman says take her to the health practitioner fast. Gautam runs over the toys. Suman worries. Everyone takes Dhara to the clinic and admit her. Gautam thinks Dhara will smash down if whatever occurs to the child. Suman prays for Dhara and child. Dhara is examined. Doctor involves Gautam and says I m afraid for Dhara, her fetus didn’t develop because the remaining month. Everyone receives shocked.

Doctor says if this remains the same, then Dhara’s existence will fall into danger, you need to take the decision, you need to preserve this fetus or now no longer, it will likely be a compromise with Dhara’s health, whatever can happen. Suman asks what’s she announcing, fetus will develop. Gautam says there might be a few manner to store Dhara and child. Doctor says sorry, there may be no manner. She goes. Gautam says my worry became true. He cries. Gautam says I had hidden this from Dhara for her betterment, the whole thing ended today. Everyone cries. Raavi says you’ve got got hidden this from us and fought the ache alone. He asks what ought to I do, I changed into scared, Dhara’s health practitioner stated Dhara ought to get stressed, if each person instructed this to Dhara, then it’d be wrong. Dev says it way Dhara doesn’t realize what’s taking place with her. Krish asks why did you cover this. Gautam says I desired to store Dhara from this shock, if she knew this, then the child might have now no longer stayed until now. Doctors test the reviews again. Everyone hugs Gautam and cries. Suman recollects Dhara and cries.

Doctor says Dhara’s pulse is fluctuating, her own circle of relatives has to determine fast. Gautam says I actually have taken the decision, I m going to inform the health practitioner..


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