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Pandya Store 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dhara saying its Shiva and Raavi’s separation hearing tomorrow. Suman asks Shiva will the separation happen tomorrow, relax, you will not be distant from everyone else. Dev says tune in, take the application back. Gautam says nothing ruined at this point, persuade Raavi. Dhara says see the manner in which she is taking care of me and this house, attempt to make a stride towards her, she will come running, she objects to your uncertainty, not with you, she feels you have feeling of inadequacy, that is the reason you vent outrage on everybody.

Suman asks what. Krish says feeling shaky and unfit than others. Suman acclaims Shiva. Prafulla chastens Anita. She says I will get you connected soon. She calls pandit and says get young ladies’ pics, no, Gautam’s marriage is on target, Krish is excessively youthful, its for Shiva, he is getting separated, he wedded Raavi, he is a precious stone, he got a glass, how might he keep the marriage. Raavi feels pitiful hearing this. Pandit says discover a precious stone for him. Shiva goes. Raavi leaves the house. She gets back home. Prafulla says its great you left them and returned. She embraces Raavi. Raavi says they didn’t make me out, I didn’t flee, yet I need to return sometime in the not so distant future. Anita inquires as to for what reason did you come. Raavi says court hearing is tomorrow.

Anita asks Prafulla not to discover a person for Raavi. She says I wish she never gets separated, else my diligent effort will go waste. Prafulla says fool. Gautam asks what are you doing, attempt to comprehend. Suman says you look great, however you are stupid. She requests that they send Shiva’s pic to pandit. Rishita comes and requests that they have desserts, she found a new line of work. Dhara says congratulations, I m extremely glad. Suman says no compelling reason to eat desserts, she might fall debilitated. Rishita and Dev contend.
She says I m doing this work, in light of the fact that just Dhara has the cash, I need my cash, I can’t accepting a bangle without Dhara’s desire. Gautam asks what are you saying, Dhara can never reject for a bangle, assuming she did, there would be some explanation. Dhara goes. Suman sends Krish. Gautam says do a task assuming you need, on the off chance that you are doing this for cash, I will give you cash each month.

Dev says no need, we get cash when we need it. Dhara gets the bangle. She says I improved bangles for you, I realized you felt terrible for it, sorry, it was not around 500 rs, the bangle vender was tricking you. Dev says you did this for bangle. Rishita says no, it caused me to understand that a vocation is demon for a young lady, there ought to be festivity, not this upsetness, how will I respond when you’re unsettled. Krish blasts a popper and says well done. Rishita asks what’s this bad conduct. Suman says I did this, you need us to get cheerful, will we get band baaja for you. Rishita goes. Suman says don’t have the foggiest idea how you enjoyed my child. Dev gets disturbed.

Shiva gets a call. He says its off-base number, don’t call once more. Raavi comes. They contend. She requests that he have the milk, it will calm his migraine. He figures I didn’t realize that she will deal with the house as Dhara, she realizes we will get separated from tomorrow, and, after its all said and done she is keeping the obligation. He stops Raavi. She asks what happened now, toss the milk on the off chance that you don’t care for it. He says you would likewise have a migraine, you drink it. Phir le aaya… .plays… She says you would be glad. He asks are you unsettled.

They see the moon. She says the moon looks so wonderful. He checks out her. She goes. Rishita comes. He says we just had a contention. She says I didn’t request an explanation, battles occur, you need to comprehend love behind the battles. Shiva says I don’t get love. She says attempt to comprehend and afterward your life will become issue free. She goes. She fixes a caution. She insults Dev. Dev says I m glad for you. She rests. Its morning, Rishita clears the floor. Suman asks what are you doing, vent out. Rishita goes. Suman gets down on Dhara and requests tea. Raavi gets the margarine milk. She says Dhara went to sanctuary with Gautam. Suman says reveal to her that I have gone to Kanta, pandit is getting pics and biodata for Shiva’s marriage. Raavi gets tragic.

Precap: Janardhan sees Kirti with Krish. He slaps Kirti and gets him captured. Dhara gets a call from the police headquarters. She runs out and about and swoons.


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