Pandya Store

Pandya Store 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Guneet praising Kabir for purchasing an excellent sale for the store. Kabir says I will now no longer take a seat down at the store all life. Amrita talks to Saroj. She makes Nimmo speak to Saroj. Guneet asks Kabir to prevent drinking, they’ll want to offer blood on the time of Amrita’s delivery. Amrita says there’s nevertheless time. Kabir jokes. Nimmo asks Saroj to give an explanation for Amrita, he’s taking anxiety for the whole thing, she offered Karan’s bonds. Kuljeet asks what are you saying, why did she promote it. Nimmo says Kabir misplaced his job, we needed to pay develop money, why did Amrita take anxiety for this. Amrita says I m fine, don’t worry. Kuljeet says make me speak to Guneet. She asks why. She offers the telecellsmartphone to Guneet. Kuljeet says be counted is touchy now, allow us to manage Amrita’s delivery, Kabir additionally misplaced the job. Dada ji asks Guneet what happened. Kuljeet asks are you listening.

Guneet says don’t worry, the whole thing gets controlled here. Kuljeet asks how, Angad has a brand new job, your store isn’t strolling well, she offered the bonds, its our duty additionally to attend to our daughter, I m coming the next day to take her, don’t experience bad. Guneet ends name and says Kuljeet doesn’t believe us now, he’s coming to take Amrita for her delivery. Amrita worries. Pritam runs after a guy. He receives hit with the aid of using a car. He falls. Vishaka receives down the automobile and smiles. She asks are you fine. He says don’t contact me. She says I will take you to a medical doctor. He says I don’t need, you’ve got got blocked my number. She scolds him. He asks her to head. She says I will display your lover’s proof, she is nice, extra quite than me. He says prevent your nonsense. She suggests Amrita’s pic. He receives shocked. She says you acquire her to the care domestic to make her meet my Rahul, this isn’t fair. He asks did she come there. She says yes, it manner she didn’t include you, she become following you, didn’t you inform her approximately Rahul, she got here to the medical institution for checkup, medical doctor stated the infant is fine, aren’t you ashamed to have a baby with her. He says close up, she is a widow. She says oh, so that you were given her without problems and he or she got here to you additionally. She sings baahon me chale aao…. He catches her neck and says prevent this nonsense. She shouts and cries. She says kill me and my baby, pass and live with that widow, she is wearing your baby, I ought to thank you, your affair is every other weapon to apply withinside the court, I will display all of the photos and speak to her additionally, I will see the way you get Rahul’s custody, you’re finished. She acts and asks what’s her name, Amrita. He worries.

Angad asks what become the want to inform Saroj approximately Kabir’s job. Nimmo says I desired Saroj to give an explanation for Amrita. Kabir says name Kuljeet and speak, I did the whole thing for the family, else I don’t want to work. Angad asks him to close up. Nimmo says its my mistake. Guneet says I will now no longer ship Amrita to Ludhiana. Nimmo says yes, we are able to take her duty. Dada ji says Amrita will pass there, what will we should assist her.

He says Guneet will both promote the store or Nimmo will promote the jewellery, Angad can also additionally take a loan, what else will we have, Kuljeet and Saroj will deal with her, simply permit her pass for the infant’s sake. Dadi says he’s right, Kuljeet is her dad, now no longer any outsider, he can deal with her, if any headaches show up withinside the case, what’s going to we do, she ought to pass. Amrita comes and says I won’t pass leaving my house, I need to live here, I will speak to dad. Dada ji and Dadi say you don’t name him, go along with your dad, he is likewise family. Amrita cries. Pritam receives drunk. He recollects Vishaka’s words. Nitin and Monty calm him down and speak approximately Amrita and Vishaka’s meeting. Pritam says I m now no longer involved for Amrita, however my son, Vishaka will take hold of my Rahul from me, I will smash everyone. Nitin says don’t pass domestic today. Pritam says don’t come among this time. He factors the loaded gun at them and leaves. They worry. Amrita says I don’t need to do packing. Everyone asks Amrita to head, they may come to her earlier than delivery. Angad receives Pammi’s name. Nimmo says I don’t need to head in Jagrata, I will live with Amrita. Amrita asks them to delight pass. Dadi says I will live back. Soni says I can even live with Amrita. Dada ji says fine, we are able to pass and come. Amrita says pray for my infant and all of us, Kabir will are available a few time. They pass. She hugs Dadi and cries.

Pritam scolds Amrita and says you ruined my family. Dadi asks why are you shouting. Pritam says I tolerated you until now due to the fact you’re a widow. Amrita receives labour pain. Pritam receives involved and lifts her. She slaps him.


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