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Pandya Store 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Dhara pronouncing prevent them, don’t grasp my daughter. Gautam says I won’t permit some thing occur to Tara. He wakes up from the awful dream. He recollects health practitioner calling him and asking him to get Dhara for the checkup. He prays for his or her happiness. Its morning, Raavi smiles seeing the ring. She meets Sneha. She asks why do you appearance sad. Sneha says my marriage is breaking. Raavi asks why, you each favored every other. Sneha says no, he cherished a person else, you cherished Dev, however he didn’t get helpless to marry you, he married his love. Raavi says don’t worry. Sneha says we ladies are fools, we assume its love while a person talks to us nicely. Shiva calls Raavi and asks is she coming to the shop. Raavi says I m coming. She hugs Sneha and asks her to take care.

She says I become feeling good, Shiva become going to marry Disha, did he get below strain to make me put on this ring, he has to inform me that he likes me. Rishita meets her boss. He asks approximately the shop paintings. She says the entirety goes on. She asks how did Kamini come here. He says she is a minister, we should maintain phrases with politicians. She thinks thank God, I were given saved. Krish meets Kirti on the college. He hides from her. She stops him. He says sorry for that day. She says chill, you appearance lovely while you are shirtless. She asks will you return back for tenting, I recognise you’re bad, however you could come, we can have bonding there, bad humans are interesting. She jokes on him.

Shiva waits for Raavi. She comes and asks why did you name me. He smiles and drops the sack on his feet. She says I actually have to inform you something, you could additionally inform me. She thinks he’s a massive idiot to now no longer recognize this hint. He says you inform me, why did you return back. She says I need zeera. He says I gets it. Krish says I can’t come. Kirti insists. He says I actually have tons paintings at home, Dhara is pregnant. Parth comes and asks Kirti is she coming for tenting. She says yes. He says Karishma broke up with Sudesh. She asks aren’t they coming. He says they’re coming to have tenting fun. She is going. Shiva palms over the zeera. Raavi says fine, I will move. He says no. She asks do you need to mention something. He says stroll carefully, zeera would possibly fall down. She says fine, I will move now. She is going.

Dhara asks Gautam what shall I put on withinside the night function. He receives sad. She says Tara need to recognise approximately me. He says put on some thing, you’ll appearance good. She asks him why does he appearance worried. He hugs her and says I actually need my toddler, I desire my toddler receives my age additionally. Dhara smiles. She is going to peer Raavi. Raavi says I were given ready, however I don’t have my mangalsutra. Dhara says who gets it from Suman. They say Rishita. Rishita says never. She is going to Suman’s room. Suman is busy on a name. Rishita assessments the cupboard. She receives the mangalsutra. She says engagement happened, now Shiva and Raavi’s marriage turn. She indicates the mangalsutra to Dhara and Raavi. She says I were given saved. Dev says no, I actually have visible you. Rishita says I were given this for Raavi. Dhara says Raavi, you don’t put on it yourself, while a sparkling begin is happening. She is going out and calls out Shiva. She takes him home. Raavi says I will put on this myself. Dhara says wait, I were given Shiva with me, Shiva will make you put on this. Shiva says I should move for paintings. Rishita asks him to make Raavi put on the mangalsutra. Gautam and Krish come. They ask what’s happening. Dev says Shiva and Raavi’s marriage is happening. Gautam asks how did you get this from Suman. Rishita says I actually have stolen it on Dhara’s pronouncing. Shiva makes Raavi put on the mangalsutra. Everyone showers vegetation at them. Aaj se teri….plays…. They have an eyelock.

Dhara faints down. Gautam shouts Dhara. They take Dhara to the hospital. Doctor says Dhara’s fetus didn’t grow, her lifestyles may also fall in danger.


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