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Pandya Store 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with all people seeing Suman together along with her packed bags. They ask what’s all this. Suman says you all are doing as you need, so I concept to do what I need. Dhara says no. Suman says I don’t have any admire and no value, so I m going to Haridwar, I don’t need to live with you all. Shiva asks her to stop. She asks Shiva now no longer to mention anything, did he concentrate to her. She says I m going, I don’t need to stay with you all. She scolds Shiva and Raavi. She says you have to have instructed the whole lot first, you insulted me in the front of all people and broke Disha’s heart, Shiva were given recurring to do a drama. She cries. Shiva says I got here to inform you, however you didn’t concentrate, Raavi had to inform you. Shiva and Raavi argue. Suman shouts close up. Raavi says sorry. Suman says I need to go. Dhara stops her and says a mum can’t live with out her children, you’re my mum, how will you want with out us. Suman says I will stay well. She asks the person to take the infant. Dhara says you may’t depart us and go, for the infant’s sake. She asks Suman to experience the infant asking her to now no longer depart her and go.

Suman says you all have emerge as so dramatic, I m now no longer going due to the infant, okay. Everyone smiles. She says however all people gets punished. Gautam says we receive any punishment. She says stand there. Dev says we are able to shout I love you Maa. She asks them to keep their husbands’ ears. She asks her sons to keep their wives’ ears. She says do take a seat down united statesnow. Gautam says however Dhara. Suman says allow her go, you start. They all do take a seat down ups. Dev and Shiva comic story on Gautam. Gautam scolds them. Suman asks Gautam to emerge as a hen. Dhara laughs. Suman says you’re laughing, snigger more, its truely funny. They snigger.

Suman says now concentrate to me, if all people demanding situations me, then it’ll be the final day of my lifestyles. Raavi apologizes. She says we won’t permit you to whinge now. Suman says okay, else I will throw you withinside the well, you’re glad that I actually have forgiven you, no, you need to emerge as a perfect spouse and perfect bahu, then I will forgive you. Raavi is going and hugs her. Suman says no, don’t hug me. Rishita and Dhara additionally hug Suman. They say we like you. Suman smiles. Yaadon ki baraat….plays..

Suman asks her to sons to come. They all hug. Raavi arranges the cupboard. Shiva comes. He sees his garments arranged. He asks wherein are you new garments. She says Disha isn’t here, you don’t want to put on that, you don’t appearance antique Shiva. She taunts. He says you suspect I were given geared up for Disha. She says yes, did you convert for me. He says I… Rishita calls her. Raavi asks him to mention. She asks him now no longer to extrade for all people, live the same, he’s a unmarried piece. She is going.

Dhara dances with the calender. Rishita comes and asks what happened. Dhara says my trimester finished today. Rishita says amazing. Raavi comes and hugs Dhara. They say congrats. Dhara says invite Anita and Prafulla home. Raavi thinks sorry, I will now no longer invite them. Rishita says I gets snacks and drinks, we are able to party. She talks to infant. Raavi says I m additionally looking forward to infant. Rishita jokes on her. Dhara says we’d have now no longer allow Raavi go. Rishita is going. Shiva involves the kitchen. He says concentrate. Raavi and Dhara turn. Shiva says I m going to the shop. Dhara asks are you telling me or Raavi, you may inform her directly. He says you’re so funny, I m by myself on the shop, I may have lunch there. Dhara says fine. Raavi smiles. Shiva leaves. She thinks we didn’t had a talk. Dhara asks wherein are you going. Raavi says I m going to shop for zeera. Dhara says I will inform Krish. Raavi says he went to college, I gets it. Dhara sees the zeera bottle and laughs. Rishita sees Kamini together along with her boss. Kamini talks to the person approximately Pandyas. Rishita appears on and thinks what are they talking. He says you may cause them to do anything. Kamini says I know. Rishita thinks did I placed my own circle of relatives in trouble.

Dhara faints down. Doctor says Dhara’s lifestyles is probably in risk if her fetus doesn’t grow..


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