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Pandya Store 22th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Rishita making excuses approximately Dhara and Krish. She says Dhara instructed me to inform everybody, however it slipped from my mind.

Gautama says I will name her. He calls Dhara. She disconnects. Suman calls Disha. Her telecellsmartphone is going off. She asks while will energy come, I need the lighting fixtures, what’s occurring right here. Gautam is going. Disha’s mother and father get the automobile tyre fixed. Disha receives Rishita’s name. Disha’s dad asks who’s there. Krish says I m Shiva’s more youthful brother Krish, can you return back with me, a person desires to speak to you. They pass. Krish is going and does a drama. Disha thinks what occurred to them now.

Dhara meets Disha’s mother and father. She says I need to inform some thing approximately Shiva, he is brief tempered, discover approximately Shiva’s anger, I don’t need to cover whatever, the scenario in Pandya residence isn’t suitable, Raavi is understood to them considering childhood, even then she couldn’t say, Disha is aware of this, you observed properly on your daughter, Shiva has ingesting habit, don’t inform anyone, he’s going to lose his name. Rishita says we can play antakshari. Dev says satisfactory idea.

Suman stops her. The lighting fixtures come. Suman receives glad. She says its Shiva and Disha’s engagement, wherein is Dhara. Gautam says I don’t recognise. She says this can’t take place. She calls Dhara. She receives irritated and says she isn’t answering my name. Rishita asks Dev to chill. Dev says mum is shouting right here. Suman asks Rishita to make the puja plate ready. Raavi is going to warn Shiva. He asks her to name the police.

They argue. Suman asks her to live farfar from Shiva. Rishita steals the rings. She thinks now the engagement won’t take place. Dhara says forgive me for this lie, I imply I m announcing the fact. The woman says Disha is mad for Shiva. Dhara says try to keep her, Shiva and Raavi were given divorced, however they love every other. The woman says I had visible this, we recognise this, why did they pass for 2d listening to then. Disha’s dad says Disha instructed us already, we’re fed up. Disha’s mum says I don’t need this marriage to take place. Dhara says you each determine now. She is going.

Krish compliments Disha. She smiles. She receives Suman’s name. Suman says we’re waiting. Disha says tyre were given punctured, so we were given late, you probably did suitable to ship Krish right here. Suman asks while did I ship Krish. Driver says tyre is changed. Disha says I will come there and communicate.

Suman says she is coming, who has despatched Krish there. Shiva says Dev might have despatched him. Dev asks why will I ship him. Krish says I will purchase goodies and come. She asks her mother and father to return back. Kanta calls Disha and asks her to return back fast. They leave. Suman asks why didn’t Dhara come until now. Kanta says the entirety might be fine. Gautam worries. Dev says she can be able to come.

Prafulla and Anita come home. Prafulla scoffs Shiva. Suman and Prafulla argue. Prafulla says I gets a man like a prince. Suman says such as you located for Anita, she continues to be unmarried, I will discover a man for Raavi in case you say. Dhara and Krish come home. She says don’t recognise what’s going to take place, our plan flopped, they didn’t see my scarf, I will say that I didn’t meet them, you return back later. She enters the residence. Suman asks wherein had been you. Dhara says lighting fixtures went out, I became feeling suffocated, I went out to have a few sparkling air.

Gautam says they stated you went to shop for a gift, wherein is the gift. Dhara says it fell down. He asks how. She says I became joking. Rishita laughs. Dhara says I went to take a gift, however I didn’t discover whatever suitable, then I got here back, I went to take a lahenga for Disha, she is so beautiful, I didn’t discover whatever appropriate for her. Gautam says you don’t get into this. Dhara says you stated I won’t communicate approximately Shiva and Raavi’s divorce, I swear on you, ask them, did I inform them whatever, its their life, they could stay as they need.

She throws the scarf away. Disha and her mother and father come. Her mum stops her and tells what Dhara stated. Disha says you’re mendacity due to the fact you don’t like Shiva. Disha and her mother and father come. Suman blesses her. Dhara greets them. Raavi receives irritated. Disha hugs Raavi and says finally, you acquire unfastened from this relation, I want you all of the best. Disha’s mum says the woman became like Dhara, I suppose she got here to talk to me. Disha says it became now no longer Dhara, how can she come right here so soon, Krish isn’t right here.

Suman asks Disha to move and stand for the engagement. Prafulla asks Raavi did she get the cash. Raavi scolds her and says you won’t get 10 lakhs. Prafulla says you’re so foolish. Raavi says I m going. She is going to Dhara and says forestall this engagement, I had instructed Shiva, however he fought with me. Dhara asks till while will you fight. Raavi asks her to help. Dhara asks her to forestall this engagement herself. Rishita offers the hoop to Raavi. She says throw this out in case you need to forestall this engagement. Disha’s mum says Dhara instructed me to forestall the engagement, Shiva isn’t a pleasing man. Dhara says I can’t come there. Rishita says it wasn’t her. Disha says it can’t be Dhara, she can’t attain the residence so soon.

Krish comes home. Gautam asks wherein had been you. Krish says I went to pay the energy bill, lighting fixtures have come, did the engagement take place. Dev says no. Dhara asks Krish to have water. Disha says I instructed you, Krish simply got here home, it method that wasn’t Dhara. Suman thinks Dhara is cooking some thing fishy, I will see them later. She asks them to return back for engagement. Krish says we can sing and dance first. Suman says dance later. Shiva sits with Disha. Suman asks them to begin the rasam. She sees the hoop missing. Gautam appears at Dhara.

Shiva thinks how did this take place. Dhara asks wherein is the hoop. Gautam asks how might you recognise. She says perhaps you’ve got got hidden it. They all search for the hoop. Disha’s dad asks what’s this, some thing is wrong. Prafulla receives irritated and argues with Anita. She asks did you cover the hoop. Anita says no way. Krish says I suppose a thief has stolen the hoop, now engagement cancel. Suman scolds Rishita. Rishita says don’t beat me, Raavi has the hoop. Suman catches Raavi and takes the hoop from her.

Disha makes Shiva put on the hoop. Shiva appears at Raavi. Suman smiles and claps. She sees everybody upset. Shiva thinks Raavi forestall me, why are you silent. Raavi appears on. Shiva holds Disha’s hand to make her put on the hoop. Raavi stops him and pulls him away. She says you can’t do that engagement, you’re simply mine, I m your chipkali proper. Disha says you’re forgetting you each were given divorced, you haven’t any proper on him. Suman asks Raavi to live farfar from her son. Raavi stands at the properly. Everyone worries. Raavi threatens Shiva. Suman asks Shiva and Disha to move and get engaged, else she can be able to soar into the properly. Raavi asks Shiva to inform everybody the fact what the decide instructed her. Shiva says get down, I will inform everybody. She jumps down. Her dream ends.

Raavi shouts Shiva. Suman asks why are you shouting. Raavi is going and forestalls the engagement. Raavi scolds Shiva. She says you couldn’t say a fact.

Shiva says Suman made me swear once I attempted to inform her the fact. She says fine, do that engagement, however ruin this relation first, the courtroom docket has visible our love, courtroom docket gave us 6 months time, you won’t inform them, I will inform them, our divorce didn’t take place yet. Dhara, Rishita smile. Everyone is shocked. Raavi says I m nonetheless Shiva’s wife, so this engagement can’t take place.

Raavi throws the hoop withinside the properly. Suman says I need that ring back. Shiva jumps into the properly. Suman shouts.


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