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Pandya Store 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Dhara announcing we attempted to store your relation, even then you bought separated. Shiva says you and Rishita got here to the courtroom docket for this reason. Dhara says I informed you, this relation shouldn’t break. Suman receives indignant and throws water at Dhara. Dhara actions aside. The dhol guy asks why are you throwing water on me, I m going. She stops him and asks him to play dhol.

Suman scolds Dhara for backstabbing her. Gautam says you went to courtroom docket, you lied to me. Dhara asks could you allow me pass if I informed the reality. He asks her now no longer to take tension. Suman says no person values me, its top that divorce is done, bahu gang has misplaced and I actually have won. Shiva says concentrate to me. She says forestall it, Raavi is your beyond and Disha is your future, your engagement will take place tomorrow, swear on me else I will soar into the nicely and die. Raavi cries. Suman scolds her.

Gautam asks Dhara now no longer to cry. Dhara says give an explanation for Suman to forestall Raavi. Suman says fine, forestall Raavi till I die. Raavi says concentrate to me. Suman says forestall flying now, don’t come right here now. Raavi thinks he constantly insults me, if he doesn’t say the reality, then even I won’t say, I will see until while he hides the reality. Suman says I will assist you in packing the bags.

Suman is going in the house. Dhara cries. Gautam concerns for her. Shiva says mum didn’t do right. Prafulla says while will Raavi come, I requested her to get 10 lakhs cash, its my mistake, I must have long past there and counted the cash. Anita says I will pass there and see. Suman asks Raavi to percent the matters. Rishita says Dhara will manage Raavi, she won’t allow her pass. Shiva asks if she shall we her pass. Gautam scolds him.

Dhara says please concentrate to me, their divorce is done, we can now no longer try and unite them now, you won’t get Shiva and Disha married till my infant is born, don’t make Raavi out of this house, for my sake, please. Suman says fine, inform Raavi that Shiva is a stranger for her now, she can be able to live farfar from Shiva. Dhara says fine, I promise.

Suman says I m Mahasaas. Gautam says you and Raavi made us mad, what is going to take place of Dhara if Raavi is going. Rishita says no person loves me. Dev asks her to peer timing and talk. Raavi says concentrate to me once. Suman says percent the matters in a large bag once. Raavi screams.

Gautam runs to peer Dhara. Dhara says Raavi is hurt, she can’t pass. Gautam makes Dhara sit. He asks are you fine. Suman says she begins offevolved her drama constantly. Gautam says please, sorry, have a take a observe Dhara, she isn’t nicely, Raavi won’t pass anywhere. Suman says fine, however Shiva’s engagement will take place tomorrow. Dhara hugs Raavi.

Suman says you do Shiva’s marriage shopping, purchase matters for Disha, go together with Rishita and Dev, I will deliver this top information to Prafulla. She calls Prafulla. She says its Shiva and Disha’s engagement tomorrow, Raavi desires to live right here after the divorce. Prafulla receives indignant. Suman invitations her for the engagement. Raavi is going. Suman says ask her to forestall crying. Prafulla says Raavi will take my life.

Raavi involves everyone. Rishita says Shiva, you’re a large fool. He asks what did I do. She asks did we get the divorce papers for you. Raavi says we need to pass for shopping, for the groom and bride’s clothes. Its night, Shiva sees Disha’s call. He says I can’t inform anyone, Raavi isn’t telling them either.

Raavi comes and says bouquets have come for you. She scolds Shiva. They each argue. He asks what’s your trouble Raavi. She says how may want to you assert sure for engagement, you don’t have any shame. He asks what shame, you didn’t need to preserve this relation with me, now you’re crying. She says we had many fights, did I cry until now, the reality is, you don’t apprehend me, I apprehend you, you’re a disgusting person. He says fine, I gets engaged tomorrow, you forestall it in case you can.

Dhara says get Shiva kidnapped, then engagement won’t take place. Gautam concerns. Suman asks wherein are Dhara and Krish. Dhara is going somewhere, protecting her face.


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