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Pandya Store 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with dhara getting gautam to the chaat stall. He receives a call. He asks a person for a mortgage. She thinks hardik has stricken her. He asks her to have chaat and pass, he will have it a few other day. He is going. Prafulla comes and eats the golgappa. Dhara sees anita and prafulla. Gautam stops and hears prafulla. Prafulla says you acquire a maid without spending a dime, so that you are freely roaming right here. Dhara asks who. Prafulla says raavi. Raavi asks shiva how some distance will you run, i m your spouse. Shiva says that’s the hassle, you’re my wife. She asks do you discover me so bad, you left combating with me, you had been converting, right, what befell that you….. He argues. Customers see them and leave. Dhara argues with prafulla. She leaves. Prafulla shouts on her. Raavi takes the cash from the customer. The man says you gave me 100rs extra. He returns the cash. She thanks him. A man comes and asks what’s this shiva, you gave saunf rather jeera, my wife is troubling me. Shiva says maybe by using mistake, sorry, i can trade it. He sees raavi. He offers jeera to the person. The man says you perhaps losing cognizance due to bhabhi ji here. He goes. Rishita thinks to name kirti. She says i omit her, i can name her.

Suman comes. She says you spend time in lacking maayka humans, you spend time on sasural, in which is dhara. Rishita says maybe they went to the marketplace. Suman says get water for me, warm water with salt and lemon. Rishita says satisfactory, i’m able to get it. Suman says get sugar snacks. Rishita signs and symptoms first-rate. She says i need to make it now. Shiva asks why are you dancing on my head, you could cross if you may’t work, please pass from here. Raavi says you didn’t say me please till now, i m going. Gautam sees hardik at the construction uncooked cloth shop. He thinks he might have come here to find prices for the cement. He says dhara provide an explanation for hardik, he’s crossing limits. He is going to hardik. Dhara stops him. Hardik goes. Dhara asks gautam not to take pressure, she can talk to hardik, room doesn’t count number to her.

Gautam says he has challenged me, my self esteem matters to me, he is saying proper, however i know my responsibilities, i m helpless, i wanted to make a room for you, i m worried, janardhan is after that land. She says you don’t want to make clear, we are not separate, we are us. He says i m very disturbed now, i spoke to someone for a loan, i should cross. He goes. Shiva receives a name. The person says i spoke to the shopkeepers, i’m able to ship quotations to you. Shiva says notable, i’m able to communicate to dev in the nighttime. He says gautam and dhara’s room will be constructed quickly. Gautam meets a person and says i need to give the payment next month. The person says it is going to be hard for me, i will’t delay the payment. Gautam says fine. Janardhan comes. Gautam goes to taunt him. He says you are eyeing my land now. Janardhan says you may do whatever however you’ll deliver that mortgaged land to me. Gautam says no way. Janardhan asks what will you do of that land, your brothers were given married, what will you do, for who’re you saving money, you have no baby of your own, you didn’t have a infant in 10 years, you aren’t a man, i m no longer frightened of your threatening. Gautam gets indignant and beats him. Janardhan’s guys seize gautam. A man asks janardhan what are you doing. Janardhan stops him. Gautam says you talk to me by myself, then see who’s the real guy.

Janardhan says i can get the land. Gautam says you attempted to entice shiva, your sister misplaced her election price tag. Goons push gautam aside. Janardhan leaves. Dev says gautam broke the fd already, we’ve got to talk to him. Dhara waits for gautam. Gautam comes domestic harm. She worries for him. She asks what took place, how did you get harm. He says nothing, i fell down. She asks him again. He says i m dropping in existence, i remorse why i’ve agreed to you ten years returned and assist you to take those drugs, why i supported your choice for not having a baby, why. Dhara says i didn’t have regret on my decision, why did we not have our very own youngsters, because we had three kids, we had not anything imp than elevating them. Dev and shiva hear them. She says they make us proud, now they have grown up, we are able to think of getting a toddler now, i’ve stopped taking the ones drugs now, why are you involved. Dev says gautam and dhara didn’t let a infant come due to us.

Shiva says they have got given a huge sacrifice for us. Dhara says we never regretted, why are we taking anxiety for a small room, i instructed you now not to feel terrible for hardik’s words, we can anticipate greater time to get a infant. Gautam kisses her. He says i love you dhara, thanks for alleviating this burden, i broke the fd and were given money, i’m able to get the land freed the next day. They hug. Yaadon ki baraat…. Performs… dev and shiva take a seat sad and remember dhara’s phrases. They cry. Shiva says we need to be ashamed dev, gautam and dhara didn’t have a child and heard taunts because of me. Dev says its sufficient, we are able to make a room for them, swear on dhara. They maintain palms.

Precap: shiva takes the money from the locker. Gautam stops him. He says you could’t build the room by this cash. Dev says we are able to’t see you drowsing in the hall. Gautam says we don’t have spare cash to build a room.


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