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Pandya Store 17th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Raavi getting jealous listening to approximately Disha. Suman argues with her. She says Disha and I will experience horrific if Disha doesn’t come to be Mandvi. Dhara says its wrong, Disha won’t come to be Mandvi, she won’t recognise approximately Ram leela. Suman says she might recognise. Dhara asks does Rishita recognise approximately Ramleela. Rishita says I heard a chunk withinside the puja. Suman says you observed Raavi did phd in Ramayan. Raavi says Prafulla advised me all of the tales considering childhood. Suman laughs on Prafulla. She says I will ask you something, Ram ate the tasted berries of someone, who changed into it. Dhara symptoms and symptoms Raavi. Rishita symptoms and symptoms Dhara to message Raavi. Shiva thinks she isn’t announcing whatever now, she can be able to entice me with Disha. Raavi receives the message. She sees Dhara. Suman counts. Raavi says Sabri. Dhara says yes. Krish says Disha shouldn’t come now, we are able to make her take a seat down withinside the audience, she can be able to applaud our own circle of relatives, she can be able to take an access in our own circle of relatives. Gautam and Dhara scare him. He receives burdened and is going. Suman says Ram leela will appear in Pandya own circle of relatives style, it must be memorable for everyone.

Prafulla says Suman stated her own circle of relatives may be appearing in Ram leela, I assume she can be able to get her nostril cut, I will clap for his or her insult. Anita says I turns into Gautam’s Sita, due to the fact Dhara is sick. Prafulla says Suman is creating a flop show, do you need to head there and get the eggs and tomatoes on you, take a seat down at domestic and help. Anita indicates the nail polish. Prafulla is going to paintings herself. Rishita sees the papers and receives glad. She says the mortgage passed, thank you a lot. She leaves. The supervisor messages Kamini. Kamini says it took place as we wanted, Pandya own circle of relatives gets trapped on this mortgage. Kalyani says Rishita seems glad there. Kamini stops her. Suman asks Dhara to make Raavi paintings. Dhara says I changed into cleansing the kitchen.

Suman offers her laddoos for energy. She says I notion to make this for you, I made it at Kanta’s house. Dhara cries luckily and hugs her. Dhara remembers the doctor’s words. She asks will the whole lot live fine. Suman says yes, I by no means notion this after I brought 4 children. Dhara tells approximately the spotting. Suman asks her now no longer to fear. Dhara says I experience tensed. Suman asks her to live glad, she will come to be Sita for Gautam. Dhara says you refused me before. Suman says I didn’t recognise you’re having a burden in your head, come to be Sita, Ram will bless you, don’t fear now. She asks her to return back and meet Disha. Shiva smiles seeing Raavi’s jealousy. He asks her to hold the garments any manner she likes. She says I don’t like several mess here. He says its a remember of a few days, then you need to depart from here. She receives sad. Ek mai hun….plays… Suman asks Shiva to return back out, Disha has come to meet. Raavi says why, I actually have visible you getting a kiss from her. He remembers the water splash.

He says oh, you obtain indignant and splashed the water, proper. She says why will I do this, you’re announcing nonsense. He says that is additionally proper. She asks him to head and now no longer waste her time. Suman says we need to meet your parents. Disha says they matched the Kundli additionally, they’re very glad. Suman asks her to head and notice her house, its her Sasural, bond with Dhara, pass. Disha is going.

Dhara is making ready tea. Disha comes and says you are taking rest, I will make the tea. Dhara seems at her. Suman says it will likely be proper if matters appear with Dhara’s consent. Dhara stops Disha. She says meet every different and recognise, you need to recognise what Shiva wants, you’re a pleasing girl, however we’ve got a wish that Shiva and Raavi’s relation can get better, why do you need to get among them. Raavi seems on. Disha says lifestyles is short, I can’t waste lifestyles, human beings don’t recognise every different after spending complete lifestyles, and every now and then a second full of love is enough, Shiva and Raavi recognise every different considering childhood, nevertheless they couldn’t hold their relation, destiny desires to unite Shiva and me. Raavi thinks perhaps Disha is announcing the truth, we’re collectively considering childhood, nevertheless we aren’t made for every different. Dhara sees Raavi there. She says its approximately belief, you trust your destiny, I trust our relations, I m positive that Shiva and Raavi are made for every different, we can’t extrade your thinking, its in Raavi’s hand if she shall we Shiva pass or makes him of her forever.

Doctor tests Dhara’s being pregnant reviews and says its serious, I want to speak to Gautam proper away. She calls Gautam. He receives a surprising news.


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