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Pandya Store 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with dev and shiva gambling with the marbles. Dev says sorry. Shiva asks why are you saying sorry, its not your mistake, i m no longer suitable for raavi, she wanted a taken care of gentleman like you, but see she were given me in her fate, incorrect happened together with her. Dev says raavi likes you, i’ve seen her worrying for you.

Shiva says she is helpless to accomplish that. Dev says bear in mind how you each fought in formative years, i was simply sorting your fights like a side individual, you both favored every different, you both didn’t understand, i were given you here with marbles to remind your youth, i gained the shot. Shiva says i lost in existence. Dev asks him now not to get disappointed for little matters.

He asks him to test his message. Shiva exams. Dev asks did you talk to gautam, satisfactory i’m able to communicate to him, we need to make a bed room for them. Shiva says we will make it, i’ve won this shot. Dev says sure, by using cheating. Raavi angrily is going the work.

Dhara says your anger is justified however…. Raavi says shiva is your son, didn’t you already know he beverages alcohol.

Rishita hears this and says oh my god. Raavi argues. Dhara asks her to forestall her. Raavi says sneha advised him horrific words, so will he drink. Dhara scolds her. She says i realize he made a mistake to drink. Raavi says he made a large mistake. Dhara says whilst you men combat, you return to scold me, he’s your husband now, you have to recognize and provide an explanation for each different.

Raavi says you recognize that i will’t provide an explanation for him, i won’t tell you some thing. Dhara says i’m able to pay attention you in case you come to percentage your emotions, i like you, however you can’t come and lecture me, you need to type this stuff on your room, learn how to price your decision.

Rishita says i in no way noticed dhara’s avatar, raavi is gone. Raavi says i m sorry, i like you. She hugs dhara. Dhara says i love you. Raavi says shiva read my diary, he examine my feelings for dev. Rishita coughs. They see rishita. Rishita is going to get water. Dhara says so what’s the big factor, what did you write your emotions in that diary, every person is aware of it already, shiva will by no means inspect your beyond, he’ll understand you.

Rishita comes returned. Raavi says i experience guilty when he receives silent. Rishita says don’t sense responsible, you’ve got nothing for dev to your coronary heart, chill. Dhara says she also is aware you. Shiva comes domestic. Dhara scolds him for ingesting.

Shiva says i didn’t recognize something, i felt like someone had harm my coronary heart, i was questioning that inaccurate has befell with raavi, she must have married dev, not me, every person reminds me that i m now not appropriate for her.

Dhara says you don’t want to transport on in life, your marriage is reality now, receive that and move on, you examine her diary right, you already know her feelings already, when you have to maintain this marriage, then you need to see the future, not beyond. Shiva thinks you’re a mum, you’ll in no way see my flaws, raavi might have never chosen me. He hugs her and says sorry. Gautam asks the men to keep the mattress interior.

Rishita asks what’s this. Gautam says double bed. She asks dev did you get this for us. Dev says no, we ought to save cash.

Gautam says its for raavi. Rishita thinks we are nonetheless drowsing at the vintage bed of gautam and dhara, its worth rs 15000, i’m able to’t even spend 500 rs. Raavi and shiva come to the kitchen.

She says sorry from sneha’s side. He says i don’t care for what you and your friend think, i m not interested by your beyond. Rishita says we additionally want a brand new bed. Gautam says nice, we can keep this on your room.

Dhara says no, raavi is drowsing at the ground considering a long time, she ought to get this bed. Rishita gets upset. Shiva argues with raavi. He is going to his room and sees the mattress. He asks what’s this, what turned into the want to waste cash on the mattress.

Gautam says we don’t like raavi snoozing at the ground. Shiva says she sleeps in the room, you and dhara sleep in the hall. Gautam says forestall the nonsense, get aside.

Dev says i’ve to expose you some thing, live here. He goes. Rishita says its a bizarre room, second hand room, mattress and cupboard, thank god i didn’t get a second hand husband. She checks the sketches. She tears it in anger. Dev comes and asks for his papers. She says i’ve torn it. He asks what did you do. She says you’ve got messed up the room, i don’t want to listen nonsense, properly night.

Dev thinks what did you do, what shall i display gautam now. Gautam asks dhara to get raavi to the store. Dhara says don’t recognize what is going to they do there. He says they’ll be bored with fights at some point, i m awaiting that day. Hardik comes and hugs dhara.

Gautam says you got here at the right time, see i have sold a mattress for raavi and shiva, isn’t it exact. Hardik gets dissatisfied. She says i made your fav kheer. He refuses and is going. Shiva puts the bed at the bed and sits. He says raavi will consume my thoughts again.

Dhara asks what befell. Hardik says i can recognize you’re amazing, i don’t like this foolishness, i m your brother, i m harm seeing this. Dhara asks why. He says i can see what’s taking place with you, you gave your room to shiva and you’re glad while a bed come for them, what about your happiness, you’re dozing inside the hall, no person values you, due to the fact you haven’t any infant. Gautam comes and hears this.

Gautam stops hardik. Hardik says there is not anything to talk. They argue. Hardik says i’ve raised dhara with a lot love, you are aware of it properly.

Gautam says i like dhara lots. Hardik says sure, however that love is missing now, in which do you’re making her sleep, tell me, those who love their better halves plenty don’t stand silently like this, you are my best friend, my existence, but i will deliver my life for my sister, she has a proper to get a room, that room will be construct for her, both make it for her, or i can throw your self confidence within the well and build a room for her on this house.

Precap: suman says i’m able to sleep out of doors, you and gautam live right here, else anyone will taunt me, i desire in your precise information. Dhara and gautam worry.


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