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Pandya Store 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with shiva waking up. He sees raavi dozing. He cares for her. He remembers the night time. He is taking his clothes and goes to exchange. He comes out of his room. He hits the bucket by means of mistake. Dhara wakes up with the aid of the sound. Shiva makes cat’s sound. Krish and gautam additionally awaken. Shiva thinks how shall i’m going now. He hides and tries to depart. Dhara seems again. Shiva is going. Anita stops hansa.

She offers her a gift. Hansa gets glad seeing the saree. Anita says i heard you announcing you didn’t get an excellent saree from everybody, so i purchased this for you, you will look kareena wearing this. Hansa says you are so properly, dhara is a miser, she didn’t give me any saree. Shiva works in the store. He receives a headache. Kaka comes and checks him. Shiva says leave me. Kaka asks did you get beaten up at night. Shiva says i were given hidden and got here right here. Kaka says you obtain saved. Shiva asks how do you cast off this headache. Kaka says alcohol is my spouse, i asked you no longer to drink. He asks him to have lemon water. Dev comes and asks shiva to proportion the lemon water.

Kaka says he is having it to put off alcohol hangover. Dev asks who fed you alcohol, inform me, i can beat him. Kaka worries. Anita says dhara didn’t get a toddler until now, if i had married gautam, then i would have given you two sarees every month, maybe dhara has some problem, she didn’t get a toddler in ten years. Hansa asks why don’t you marry gautam. Anita says no one can inform them about my emotions, i might have married him if i ought to. Hansa says i can go to pandya nivas and talk there approximately your and gautam marriage. Anita hugs her.

She says i’m able to provide you with gold rings if gautam marries me. Hansa asks really. She goes. Dev asks how can you drink. Gautam comes and says i have seen shiva under the influence of alcohol, he isn’t ashamed to come back domestic drunk. Kaka says leave it, you also drink with hardik from time to time. Gautam asks shiva no longer to drink, he should think about raavi. Shiva says i m no longer deserving of her.

Gautam takes a persist with beat him. Dev stops him. Gautam says shiva is mad to no longer know his cost, shiva is a diamond. Dev says its because of me. Gautam says you don’t begin melodrama now. Shiva apologizes and hugs gautam. Gautam says i will in no way forgive you in case you say incorrect approximately yourself. Dev takes the pebbles and asks shiva to include him, he has some work. They go. Gautam says they’re nonetheless children via thoughts, they have got grown up now. Kaka says you also are a child. Gautam says i m involved for raavi, i’m able to simply come. Hansa comes domestic. Dhara asks her to give curd. Hansa says we are also bored with ready, dhara didn’t conceive yet.

Suman asks her to simply give the curd. Hansa says its ten years of marriage, she didn’t deliver good information, you have to run your family in advance. Suman asks her to shut up. Hansa says if your bahus comply with dhara, then its over, complete somnath make amusing of your circle of relatives, a farmer thinks of another land if one land is infertile. Suman says you imply i must get gautam remarried. Hansa says yes, anita is still unmarried, you may get gautam married to her, dhara and anita can live as sisters here.

Dhara worries. Gautam gets rasik’s name. Rasik says get your land returned, janardhan is pressurizing us loads. Gautam asks what, is he pressurizing for shiva’s land. Hansa says get gautam remarried for the sake of children. Gautam comes and hears this. Hansa says i fear in your circle of relatives, sorry if you felt terrible. She goes. Gautam says don’t concentrate to that girl. He asks dhara to present his handbag.

He leaves. Suman thinks how will i am getting suitable news if they sleep right here within the hall. Dhara thinks suman didn’t inform something today. Suman thinks i recognize why hansa informed all that. Suman and krish go to prafulla’s residence. Suman throws a broom at her. She scolds prafulla and anita. She says i m thankful that gautam married dhara, now not anita. She says anita is nowhere near dhara’s qualities. Gautam says i couldn’t speak to dhara. He calls her. She solutions. He asks her to come out and meet, he has to talk.

She says i have tons paintings, i can’t come. He says perhaps she is indignant. Suman asks what happiness do you get by means of ruining other’s house, gautam’s individual is like ram and dhara is just sita, if you attempt to insult then. Prafulla says i don’t recognize what you are pronouncing, i didn’t see hansa considering that a month, i don’t have any money to have curd, i swear. Suman asks her no longer to interfere in her youngsters’s existence. She leaves with krish. Prafulla sees anita. She says you’re gambling with fireplace, neglect gautam.

Gautam comes home to talk to dhara. He says you didn’t come to talk to me. Dhara says i have a good deal paintings, supply me the broom. He makes her sit. He says i m your husband, i can see it, you’re feeling horrific of hansa’s words. Dhara says its now not about her, i’ve heard many taunts in life, suman didn’t say a phrase, she continually takes my aspect, how can she get bored with defending me.

Precap: gautam says hardik, you got here at the proper time, i’ve offered a bed for raavi and shiva. Hardik says dhara has a proper to get a room, either you get it built for her, otherwise i will throw your self esteem and construct a room for my sister. Dhara issues.


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