Pandya Store

Pandya Store 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Suman coming to Shiva and Raavi. She receives his ring. He asks what are you doing. She says I don’t want to mention. Rishita receives tea for them. Gautam comes domestic. He asks every person to return back, he were given Diwali presents for them. Suman asks what did you get for Disha. Gautam says nothing, I were given an awesome saree for you. She says you put on it, I don’t need. Dhara asks why are you doing this. Suman says its my mistake, Raavi and Shiva are taking divorce, after I need to deliver an awesome female as bahu, then its my mistake. Gautam says don’t worry, I gets garments for Disha and her parents. He asks every person to move and put together for Diwali. Dhara says you absolutely changed. Gautam says you stated its a completely satisfied day, don’t take stress, cross and make pakoras, Tara need to recognise how we have fun Diwali. He thinks I ought to take mum’s side, sorry. Disha comes and says satisfied family. Suman needs her. Rishita says she has no work. Suman blesses her. Raavi receives sad.

Rishita name callings Dev. Suman asks Disha to make a hoop for Shiva as in step with his ring size. She says I instructed the pandit to locate the first-rate mahurat after diwali. Shiva goes. Dhara says thank you Disha, you bought the presents, however we can’t receive it, even Suman can’t refuse, we don’t like taking the presents from female’s family. Suman says as a minimum you generic that she is the bahu. Dhara symptoms and symptoms no. Disha asks do you dislike me so much, I experience I did a mistake through loving Shiva, why do you deal with me like this, I will cross if Shiva refuses for this alliance. Raavi says her tears are fake. Disha says I additionally have feelings, I experience bad, excellent I will take the presents. Suman asks Krish to hold it in her room. She says I cost your emotions, if Shiva breaks relation with Disha, then he has to interrupt relation together along with her additionally. Rishita says you don’t say this whilst presents come from my house, Dev back the showering device despatched through my family. Dev asks her to calm down. Rishita argues and goes.

Gautam asks Dev to mention sorry to Rishita. Suman asks Disha to return back together along with her. Anita says I will have fun Diwali with Pandyas. She sees a %. Prafulla comes and asks for puja items. She sees the jewelry at the bed. She asks why did you hold this out. Anita says I m going to present this to Raavi. Prafulla says she can be able to come domestic in few days. She says you could’t take this. She locks the door. Anita says I will cross from the window, I can have Diwali puja in Gautam’s house. Gautam maintains the diyas. Shiva and Raavi see every other. Anita receives presents for Dhara. She says its from Jagat, you need to take it, its Raavi’s closing diwali here. The % falls. Dhara sees a guy’s %. Anita thinks I will deliver the baby’s pleasure to Gautam. Dhara asks Anita approximately the guy. Anita says Prafulla were given his alliance for Raavi, how shall I say that Raavi likes this guy, she met him before, he’s same to her, Raavi need to circulate on, right. Suman needs every person satisfied diwali. She blesses Raavi to get divorced, its her closing diwali withinside the house. Dhara asks what are you saying. Raavi comes and asks her to return back for puja. Dhara asks what’s Anita saying, is it true. Anita hides the %. Raavi asks what befell to you, what did she say.

Anita recollects coming domestic and wishing Gautam satisfied diwali. She takes Suman’s blessings. She talks to them. She presents rings to Raavi. Raavi says yes, its good. FB ends. Anita says you appreciated what I confirmed you downstairs. Dhara asks Raavi to mention, does she absolutely like it. Raavi says yes, I like it, Prafulla ultimately understood my choice, I m satisfied. Raavi asks them to return back. Anita asks Dhara to sit. Dhara worries. Rishita receives the presents from her mum’s side. Kirti receives it and meets them. She asks Dev now no longer to argue together along with her. Anita says drama will happen. Kirti asks Rishita now no longer to get angry. Rishita asks her to move. She says I will receive this washing device, you could take the alternative presents in case you need. Suman stares at her.

Rishita says I didn’t do wrong, I can’t spend my lifestyles in poverty. Suman scolds her.


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