Pandya Store

Pandya Store 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with dev preventing shiva. He asks rishita to go and get equipped, he’s going to communicate to shiva. She goes. Dev asks did you pass mad to argue together with her, she is mad on the grounds that ultimate night, if she knows that we’re making a room for gautam and dhara, then… shiva jokes. Dev laughs.

Dhara and gautam cook dinner together, and talk about paintings. Gautam says i m feeling hungry, i will send shiva to the store, send raavi also, they may be coming near, but they are hesitant, we have to hold them close. She asks what approximately us, we ought to also stay together. He pulls her near.

He says i must surrender the shop to my brothers, you also provide the house responsibilities to rishita and raavi, then it will likely be simply our romance. They’ve a romantic moment. Dev comes to the kitchen. He sees them and turns. Gautam attempts to cover up. Dev smiles and jokes on their romance. Gautam says he spoiled the romance, he is asking me to continue, when will they understand.

Dhara asks him to understand. She gives him the sandwich. He kisses her and is going. Dev thinks i’ve to talk to gautam approximately his new room. Gautam goes on name. Dev says i can talk later.

Raavi and rishita come to kitchen. Raavi says i’m able to make sandwich. Dhara asks rishita to cut potatoes. Shiva comes and says i m feeling hungry, i need breakfast. Dhara asks him to invite raavi. She asks shiva and raavi to have breakfast after which visit the shop. Raavi asks why. Dhara says gautam and dev received’t be there, have food and go now.

Raavi says wow, it became my dream to handle the store, so i did b. Com, thanks. She offers meals to shiva. She says i can appearance so adorable sitting at the counter, i like you. Shiva smiles. Raavi hugs dhara. Dhara says you do paintings properly. Raavi says i can cope with it better than shiva. She asks shiva to come back fast. Shiva says i have to talk something imp, dev and that i… dhara asks him to just cross.

Shiva says i’m able to come lower back and say. Dhara asks rishita to have breakfast, why did you chop so many potatoes. Rishita says i don’t understand all this, mum become giving atm card, but dev is continually in advance to insult them. She is going. Shiva and raavi run to the store. She asks him to forestall.

They argue. He holds her hand and takes her. Raavi’s pal sees her and calls out. Raavi is going and hugs sneha. She says i referred to as you and left many messages. Sneha says i used to be out of station, i m so glad for you and dev, i noticed your wedding card, what’s this jungle man doing with you, doesn’t he know the way to behave along with his brother’s spouse, he is also your member of the family now.

Shiva appears on. Sneha says take a look at you, you’re so stylish, dev is so good-looking, your jodi is simply perfect, examine him, his clothes, hair, his walk. Shiva seems at himself and raavi in the replicate. Sneha jokes that shiva will stay unmarried all life. Raavi says forestall it, listen to me. Shiva’s friend comes and says sorry, i couldn’t come to your house, you each must come domestic.

Sneha asks raavi why did you marry shiva, why had been you helpless, did every body force you, you could have run away, why did you smash your lifestyles. Shiva gets angry and leaves. Raavi scolds sneha. Sneha says you can never live with that animal. Raavi says stop it, he is my husband, you don’t recognise him, don’t show your face again. Sneha says you have got additionally become like him. Raavi stops shiva.

He asks her to stay away and not come to the shop. Raavi says it was about antique things, pandya shop is mine also. Shiva says excellent, pass, i gained’t come there. He goes angrily.

Raavi says sorry, sneha is a chudail, she instructed you so much. She deletes sneha’s number from her telephone. Rishita cries deliberating kalyani. Dhara comes and asks what happened. Rishita says no person cares for my feeling, no longer even dev, he doesn’t take care of my circle of relatives, i do lots to your own family.

Dhara takes her out and asks her to sit at the swing. Rishita asks what are you doing. Dhara says i can pamper you with love, sit, you usually bitch that no person does something for you, you calm down. Rishita says no want, i was just saying. Dhara says you do a lot for dev’s family, we can make you rest, dev lets you live in this residence.

Rishita says i married him, dev is mine, this residence is mine. Dhara asks what about his circle of relatives, its additionally yours, we love you as plenty as we love dev, this is your circle of relatives. Rishita says i might have not got insulted, did they do right to go back the presents. Suman comes and asks who insulted you now, tell me, did dev and also you beg your mother and father for present.

Rishita says no. Suman says then its no longer insult, your dad and mom haven’t any desirable document, they are able to provide the presents and blame dev for stealing. Rishita says prafulla also has terrible music record. Suman says she is my vintage enemy, i recognise her well, not even you already know your dad well. Rishita says they love me a lot, they may be dissatisfied, i must have now not run far from the residence. Suman says i informed that during mandap, any ways, we can drop you to your dad’s residence. She stops dhara.

She says if you find uneasy right here, then we will drop you in your dad’s residence, your dad framed shiva, you stood in opposition to your dad, you knew he is doing incorrect, why are you crying now, attempt to understand the difference among proper and wrong, you will know why did dev return the gifts, it has your admire and esteem, move and think with a calm mind. Rishita is going. Suman asks did you spot how i explained her. Dhara says i m mastering from you. Suman says make lemon water, don’t upload sugar, you are very candy, it receives sweet on very own.

Dhara smiles. Raavi comes domestic. Dhara sees her and thinks what occurred to her. She asks what befell. Raavi says nothing, i got here to alternate clothes. Dhara says great, go again to the store after converting. Raavi says this time its my mistake, now not shiva’s.

Precap: dhara asks why did you get so overdue. Shiva is inebriated. Dhara gets shocked. Shiva sees raavi dozing and tests her diary. He sees raavi loves dev written and finds a purple rose internal.


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