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Pandya Store 12th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

AIADMK Labor Minister Nilofar Kapil is the MLA for Tirupati district, Vaniyambadi constituency. She is also an administrator in the women’s section of the party. The absence of Minister Nilofar Kapil from the AIADMK candidate list that has just been released has come as a shock to the minister’s supporters.

Alangayam West OC Senthilkumar has been fielded as the youth candidate for Vaniyambadi constituency. When we spoke about this in AIADMK circles, Jayalalithaa then included in her cabinet two men, Veeramani and Nilopar, who belonged to the same constituency in the same district as two knives in a sheath. When he disappeared and a fight broke out within the party, Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy sided with Nilopar. Veeramani, the party’s Maoist and minister, sided with the OPS. When the OPS got out and caused trouble, Veeramani went to the EPS side. When his hand was raised there, Nilofar went to the OPS side.

Besides, you and the Minister do not respect Nilopar and Veeramani as I and the Minister respect you. Thus came the confrontation between them and he boycotted any event in Vaniyambadi constituency. The parties say that he has moved Kai to both the OPS and EPS to sideline Nilopar so that he should not be given a seat in the current election and has done without a seat.

This mother also did not respect the party. He gave importance to his son and nephew and they were everything. They also do not respect the party. Party executives also told the leadership that he would lose if he was given a seat and that we would not work for him. Similarly MP. He was critical of the BJP when Islamists fought during the election and during the citizenship law amendment. They say all this together has made him do without a seat.

Minister loses seat to son, nephew

His supporters have gathered in front of Nilofar’s house and chanted slogans against Edappadi Palanisamy and AIADMK, denouncing the minister for not giving him a seat. They are swearing that we will not vote. They are chanting to give the seat to the minister again.


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