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Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his wife Alia’s relationship is in the news. Recently, Nawaz’s wife Alia said in an interview that she no longer wants to get divorced and wants to give second chance to her relationship with the actor. Now Alia has spoken her heart in another interview.

Alia said, ‘I am ready to improve my relationship with Nawaz. I will also withdraw the divorce notice. At the same time, I am ready to resolve my differences with Nawaz’s brother Shamas too. ‘

Alia had filed a written complaint in May last year accusing Nawaz of rape and cheating. The complaint was lodged at the Versova police station in Mumbai. Aaliya had also filed for divorce from Nawazuddin in the court. Since then, there was a lot of rhetoric between these two.

Nawazuddin’s brother Shamas was also accused by Alia of allegedly molesting him. Shamas had claimed that Alia is doing all this for financial gain. However, in an interview, Alia denied all the allegations.

Alia took a U-turn

In an interview recently, Alia, forgetting all differences with Nawaz, expressed her desire to be with him again. Talking about their changing relationship, Alia had said, ‘I have been cornered by Corona. I am isolated at my home in Mumbai. In such a situation, there could have been a lot of trouble in taking care of both the children but Nawaz supported me. Nawaz is currently busy shooting a film in Lucknow, but despite this, he is busy taking care of his daughter Shora and son Yani.

‘He kept calling repeatedly to find out about the children’s needs. Apart from this, they called me to know about my health and I cared. I am very happy with his behavior. His style has touched my heart and I am surprised to see his style towards the family. Me and Nawaz will try our best to solve the problems of our married life and talks are also going on between us to stay together.

Nawaz also gave a reaction

Nawaz said, ‘I generally don’t like to say anything about my personal life and I have never said anything directly to anyone. I do not want negativity and hate around me. Alia is still the mother of my children and we have spent years together. I will support him no matter what happens. It is my duty to take care of him and the children. Aaliya and I do not get ideas, we do not agree with each other but our children are the first for me.

Because of us, our children should not be disturbed, relationships keep growing and deteriorating, they should not affect the children. I want to be a good father. Humanity is everything. Be a good person first. We have faced a lot before. If the pandemic cannot bring good changes in you then no one can change you. I will always stand by my family. ‘ Nawaz and Alia have two children. Of these, one daughter is Shora and the name of the son is ie. It has been 10 years since their marriage.


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