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Pandya Store 10th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with prafulla taunting dhara. She says its been 10 years, but you didn’t get any toddler till now, who is aware of it’ll appear or not, don’t do that rasam for the bahus, any bad omen can happen, pandya own family can’t pass beforehand, suman were given vintage, she would want to play along with her grandchildren.

Dev comes and hears this. He asks how dare you assert nonsense, you stated the equal in kanta’s bahu’s characteristic, dhara is glad with us, you have got your son but didn’t get happiness. Dhara asks dev no longer to make it a big trouble, they’ve already gone via a lot drama, i don’t want any drama on this blissful event, come. Raavi asks shiva why is he looking at her, is there something wrong, didn’t she practice wrong bindi or put on incorrect jewelry. Shiva touches her bindi and earrings. He says i won’t say, absolutely everyone will snort if there’s whatever wrong. She says say it. He says lizards gained’t come out, because their splendor queen is right here. He is going. Suman says sufficient of dance, we can do the rasam. Raavi and rishita sit down. Dev asks dhara to move. Dhara signs and symptoms no. Dhara asks prafulla to do it. Dev says however… prafulla says high-quality. Dhara says prafulla is suhaagan and elder also. Suman stops prafulla. She jokes on prafulla. She says no need to offer sacrifices constantly, move and do the rasam, did prafulla say whatever. She says prafulla gained’t say anything, else i’m able to inform her secrets, then she can’t go out in any lane. Prafulla says no. Suman asks dhara to head.

Dhara smiles. Dhara does the rasam. Shehnai…. Plaus… suman fortuitously cries. Kamini calls someone and says we are achieving pandya nivaas, meet us there. She says kamini, you realize what to do. Kalyani nods. Gautama asks why weren’t you doing the rasam, we don’t have a toddler because we didn’t desire for it, there’s nothing missing. Dhara says reality us, i didn’t grow to be a mother. He says we are trying to alternate the fact. Dhara says its no longer converting. Krish asks them to return for dance. All of the couples dance on gerua music.

Prafulla receives angry seeing raavi and shiva near. Shiva says i have to inform you something. Raavi asks what. He says considering the fact that last few days, i m feeling odd, i…. Suman says take my advantages now. Shiva asks raavi to come. Suman blesses the couples and asks them to offer her many grandchildren. Jagat comes and smiles. Prafulla says take benefits from me. Suman says from a long way. Suman says you are coming so past due. Jagat says sorry, i was coming, but i was sick. Suman asks did prafulla do some thing. Anita and prafulla provide the presents to raavi and rishita. Prafulla says i have no cash to get the gifts. She asks rishita to have friendship with her own family again. Rishita sees kalyani and says maa. Everybody sees kamini and kalyani coming. Rishita asks dev no longer to mention anything to them, they love her and came for her sake. Photographers come and click photos. Suman turns away. Gautam and dhara welcome them. Rishita hugs them. Kalyani and kamini deliver the necklace to rishita. Kalyani says you don’t forget you cherished this set, it turned into bought, i specifically got the equal set made for you. Rishita thanks her. Kamini asks raavi to take the shagun. Prafulla likes it. Anita says its actually lovely. Kamini says rishita is our daughter, she got married in a negative circle of relatives, how a great deal might dev earn, dev would ask his brothers for prices. Suman gets irritated. Kamini says we got these kinds of items for you. Suman signs and symptoms no.

Precap: dev returns the presents to kamini. He says your benefits are extra imp. He signs and symptoms them to head. Rishita says certainly sorry. Kamini curses rishita and pushes her down.


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