70 years for ntr and savitri palleturu movie

Great actor Natarathna Y. T. Rama Rao and great actress Savitri have a strong ‘chitra’ bond. Savitri first appeared on screen in ‘Samsaram’ starring Yntr. Savitri appeared in the song “Ne Ranante Rane Ranu…” in Patalbhairavi, which made YTR a superstar. Savitri got good recognition as an actress with ‘Pellichesi Chudu’ with YTR. And the movie ‘Palletooru’, in which she acted as a female lead for the first time with YTR, also got special attention. The film was released on October 16, 1952 and was a huge success. Famous director Tatineni Prakasa Rao was introduced as a director with this movie.

And the story of ‘Village’ is that – Chandram works hard to make all of them conscious in their village. He explains to the farmers what kind of returns they can get if they do agriculture through modern methods. He is the favorite of many people in that village. But, for Ganapati, he is a useless stick! Suguna, a farmer’s daughter named Sambaya, loves the moon. Love blossoms between them. Ganapati is going to rape Kondaiya’s wife Shanta who works for him. She escapes. Shanta Maradalu will inherit the moon. With that, the moon bursts into flames on Ganapati. Keeping that in mind, Ganapati raises a rumor that Chandra and Shanta are having an illicit relationship. Kondaiya thinks his words are Vedic words and kicks Santa out of the house. Ganapati accuses Chandra of a crime and sends him to jail. He also implicates Kondaiah who is innocent in a case. After seeing Kondaiah in jail, Chandra explains what happened and realizes his mistake. When the two come out, Ganapati puts their wrongdoings in front of the people and gets them punished. Kondaiah and his wife Shanta meet. The story ends happily with the marriage of Chandra and Suguna.

It stars YTR as Chandra and Savitri as Suguna. While YSV Ranga Rao played the role of Ganapathy, Ramana Reddy, Mikkilineni, Perumallu, Chadalavada, Nagabhushanam, Koduri Acchaiah, T.G. Kamaladevi, Hemalatha, Vasundhara, Seshamamba, Padmavathi, Baby Krishnaveni are the other protagonists. Ghantasala composed the music for this film and Sunkara, Vasireddy and Vemulapalli sang the songs. The song “Cheyyetti Jaikottu Telugoda…” written by Vemulapalli Srikrishna was used in this. “Vakhindoi Sankranti…”, “Raju Poodha…”, “Polalananni Halala Dunni…”, “That mind…”, “Amma Seethamma…”, “Desa Sevakula…”, “Andhraula Lavara…”, “Desa Sevaku…” The songs are entertaining. The film is produced by P.Sivaramaiah under People’s Art Productions banner.

Before the movie ‘Palletooru’, films like Gudavalli RamaBrahmam ‘Raitubidda’, which was made on the problems of farmers, entertained. After that, ‘Shaukaaru’ was opened with ‘Palleturu’ as the background. Tatineni Prakasa Rao, who worked for LV Prasad as an associate for that film, is the director of this film! Heroism of the protagonist played a major role in this. With that, the audience saw something new in ‘Palletooru’ and this movie was highly appreciated. After this film, the movie ‘Rozhulu Marai’ was also made and became a success, almost based on the problems of farmers and the antics of lovers. In 1952, ‘Peldi Dori Chudu’ became a blockbuster. After that, ‘Palleturu’ also got a place in the entertaining films. After this movie YTR-Savitri couple acted in many movies and entertained the crowd. The song “Cheyyetti Jaikottu Telugoda…” was used by YTR in his election campaign in 1982. Vemulapalli Srikrishna, who wrote this song, contested as a communist candidate in Mangalagiri in 1983 and was defeated, and was very happy about the victory of Telugu Desam candidate Dr. Mmes Koteswara Rao from the same constituency.


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