Shweta Tiwari is a well-known name in the television world. Shweta’s daughter Palak Tiwari is also soon to debut as an actress in the entertainment world. But in the meantime, such a news related to Shweta has come out, which her fans will not like to hear.

Actually, Palak Tiwari’s Instagram account has been deleted. Please tell that Palak had a verified Instagram account, on which Palak used to share his photos and videos almost every day. At the same time, the fans also loved Palak’s photos and praised their beauty. But now that his Instagram account is deleted, the fans are a little shocked, and everyone is trying to know the reason behind it.

Another twist in this entire matter is that Shweta Tiwari follows about 100 people on Instagram, including one of her daughter Palak Tiwari. But now she is following a PT. Whose name is PalakT, it is being guessed by looking at this account that this is the new score of Palak Tiwari, which is private and not even verified. However, it is difficult to say anything clearly about this.

palak tiwari

It is worth noting that the release date of Palak Tiwari’s debut film ‘Rosie – The Saffron Chapter’ has been announced. The film will be released on 25 June 2021. The film is directed by Vishal Mishra, while Vivek Oberoi is producing together with Prerna V Arora. ‘Rosie – The Saffron Chapter’ is a horror suspense genre film.


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