The whole world knows that not a single government of Pakistan runs in front of the army. But this truth has been told to the whole world once again by the Pakistan People’s Party. The Pakistan People’s Party has also reported that the Pakistan Army does not follow its constitution and is often trying to overthrow the coup. The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) spokesperson has appealed to Pakistan to change the basis of relations with India, saying that Pakistan’s powerful military is trying to protect its economic interests, which is possible in a federal and democratic system. No and this is the reason for the ‘gradual coup’ in the country.

PPP spokesperson and former MP Farhatullah Babar while addressing the fifth annual conference of ‘South Asian Against Terrorism and for Human Rights (Saath)’ said that Pakistan’s parliament is not able to hold the army accountable. He told the conference through a video conference, ‘Pakistan generals do not accept the country’s constitution wholeheartedly. Therefore, they have created a situation in the nation that is against democratic values ​​and places the army above all institutions. ‘

Farhatullah Babar appealed to change the basis of Pakistan’s relations with India. He said, “If there can be trade relations between China and India despite conflicts, then why can’t Pakistan do it?” Babar indicated that good relations with India would help in establishing democratic rules and supremacy of common citizens in Pakistan.

He said that the reason for the ‘gradual coup’ in Pakistan is the powerful army which is trying to protect its economic interests and cannot be saved in a federal and democratic system. He said that the protests started in Pashtun areas against the army have now reached Punjab also, which is a stronghold of the Pak Army. Babar said that the parliament of Pakistan is not able to hold the army accountable and has no information about the expenses and other matters of the army.

SAATH is a group of pro-democracy Pakistanis, founded by Hussein Haqqani, former Pakistan Ambassador to the US and Dr. Mohammad Taki, a US-based columnist. Earlier SAATH’s annual conferences were held in London and Washington, but this time, participants attended the conference digitally. Mohsin Dawar, a member of the National Assembly from Waziristan, said the ruling party was trying to bring the Taliban back to power and to break ties between Pashtuns on both sides of the Durand Line.

Former MP Bushra Gauhar said that young Pakistanis, lawyers and women have started challenging the status quo in Pakistan and that ‘oppressive rule will not last forever’. Most of the speakers at the conference condemned large parties of Pakistan for compromising with the army rather than forging the supremacy of the common people under the constitution


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