How bad is the situation of Hindus in Pakistan, which propagates propaganda of atrocities against Muslims in India, is not hidden from anyone. Another such case has come to light, which has exposed the hollowness of Pakistan. A policeman in Pakistan’s Sindh province kidnapped a minor Hindu girl and forcibly converted to Islam before marrying her. According to intelligence sources, the minor girl’s name is Nina Kumari.

According to the Times of India news, Nina’s father’s name is Ramesh Lal. The family hails from Naushahar district of Sindh province. Nina was abducted by a policeman named Ghulam Maroof Qadri. Surprisingly, the accused policeman was employed in the security duty of the minorities living in the area.

On the condition of anonymity, a Hindu leader from Sindh said that Nina was missing for the last five days. When Nina did not return from school, her family tried to find her and they came to know about Kidnapping.

According to the All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat (APHP), Qadri forcibly converted Islam from Nina at a dargah on 11 February and changed her name to Maria before Nikah. He married the victim in Karachi.

The marriage certificate being shared on social media has written only the date of birth of the policeman and told Nina to be 19 years old, while Nina’s family claims that she is a minor.

The Hindu leader of Sindh said, “After this case, we cannot even trust the policemen who are under our protection, nor can we ask the government to increase the guarding near our temple.”


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