Pakistan is procuring four modern war ships and eight submarines from close friends China with the aim of modernizing its navy and increasing its combat capability. Pakistan’s naval chief gave this information. China launched the second Type 054A / P multi-purpose naval missile vessel for the Pakistani Navy on 29 January.

The cruise ship, which is a cruise missile, is a major part of the Navy of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China and currently 30 such vessels are in service. According to Chinese naval experts, the Type 054A (on which the Type 054A / P is based) is China’s most modern warfare vessel, equipped with modern radar systems and long-range firepower missiles.

Admiral M. Amjad Khan Niazi told the Chinese government newspaper Global Times that as part of the military modernization process, the Pakistan Navy is removing its old ships and equipment and purchasing new ones from the Allied countries and the technology for their manufacture in the country Transfer is also doing.

Let me tell you that last year China has sold 50 such drones to Pakistan which are equipped with modern weapons. After selling these drones to Pakistan, the Chinese media said it was a nightmare for India. However, the Indian defense experts had termed this claim of the Chinese media as baseless and said that the Indian Air Force is powerful and there are excellent fighters after that.


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