The cash-strapped Pakistan has offered Sri Lanka a new loan facility of $ 50 million (about 4 billion) to enhance cooperation in the defense and security sectors. According to the joint statement of the Foreign Ministry of the two countries, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced this new loan facility during his two-day visit to Sri Lanka.

The visit concluded on Wednesday. “Both sides expressed satisfaction with the ongoing bilateral cooperation in the defense sector,” the statement said, adding that bringing staff-level dialogue to defense talks would help strengthen relations in the security sector. Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a new defense loan facility of $ 50 million.

Both sides emphasized strengthening partnerships with each other to prevent security, terrorism, organized crime and drug trafficking. Let us know that Pakistan itself is in debt to many countries including China. In such a situation, no one knows from where he will bring this money.

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arrived at Sri Lanka visit Imran Khan counted advantages of relations with China there. He even appeared to be trying to implicate Lanka in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with his false promises. Imran, who arrived in Sri Lanka, was very appreciative of the sepac but kept silence on its flaws. Imran Khan, who shelters terrorism himself, said that Pakistan and Sri Lanka share common problems including terrorism as both countries have suffered a lot due to this threat. He said that Pakistan faced the most terrorism for ten years and about 70000 people were killed.


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