Pakistan Dirty Mentality Toward’s Trans Genders Exposed This Shocking Report Surfaced

Pakistan Dirty Mentality Toward’s Trans Genders Exposed This Shocking Report Surfaced: Brutality against the transsexual local area in Pakistan has expanded complex for quite a while. As per media reports, the existence of the transsexual local area isn’t protected in the country. As per official figures, out of a populace of 200 million in Pakistan, around 10,418 are transsexual. This minority is living in steady peril as they are victimized and have been casualties of savagery.

Transsexual undependable in Pakistan

As of late, on September 11, an unidentified shooter went after a vehicle in Rawalpindi in which three transsexuals and their driver were harmed. Prior on September 1, a transsexual named Majid was cut to death by unidentified suspects close to road number 46 in the Shershah region of Sindh’s capital Karachi.

Consistent homicide of transsexuals

On July 1, Amir Masih, a transsexual man, was cut to death under the ward of the Race Course Police in Rawalpindi. As per Islam Khabar, on Walk 25, unidentified motorcyclists terminated at a vehicle out so everyone can see close to the exhibition hall building situated on Mardan-Charsadda street in Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, killing a transsexual man named Sadiq and harming another Salman. done.

discourteousness of Pakistan government

On Walk 13, a man designated five trans ladies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Mansehra. The charge terminated unpredictably at them, harming every one of them genuinely. One of the people in question, Sumiro, passed on during treatment. It is obvious from these occurrences that transsexuals are consistently being casualties of segregation and killings in Pakistan. These individuals are denied of their key basic freedoms. The Pakistani government has recognized the economic well-being of transsexual individuals yet has never really eased their predicament.


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