Advisor on national security issues of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has claimed that India has indicated the talks. For this, he has also put many conditions. 

Mohammad Yousuf, Khan’s special assistant on national security and strategic policy planning, said India has expressed a desire to negotiate with Pakistan. Also sent a message, but declined to provide details. However, Yusuf has set several conditions for negotiation with India. 

This included the release of political prisoners in Jammu and Kashmir, making Kashmiris a party to negotiations, ending restrictions in the region, repealing the domicile law (which allows non-Kashmiris to settle in the area) and human rights abuses. Have to stop. He also said that change in Jammu and Kashmir is not an internal matter but the matter comes under the United Nations. 

In an interview to a news portal, Yusuf remarked that after the abolition of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by India in August 2019, for the first time a Pakistani official talked about the two union territories. He said that both sides being a good neighbor should sit at the negotiating table. There should be talks on two major issues, Kashmir and terror. 

He said that I want to talk about both. Pakistan stands for peace and we want to move forward. However, there was no immediate response from Indian officials on Yusuf’s comments. 


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