Pakistani web series witches have played their part in the whole world. From the great story of the series to the great cast, everything has been well liked. In this series, seeing the way in which every female character has been coined, all of them are left impressed. But in the country where this series has been made, now it has also been banned there.

Pakistan banned series of witches

Yes, in Pakistan, the web series Witches, directed by Asim Abbasi, has been banned. Recently, a video of this web series has been quite viral on social media. In the viral video, Hina Khwaja is talking about Hayat Sachs and is saying that she had to make a lot of compromises to get the job. Now making this video the basis, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned it. But this decision of PEMRA has become a joke issue on social media. People are making jokes on the backward thinking of Pakistan in many ways. The actors associated with the series are also expressing their anger against this decision.

Backward thinking of Pakistan is becoming a joke

Many tweets have become viral on social media at this time. Questions are being asked by trolling that on which basis a good web series is being banned. A user writes – whether good or bad, it is a TV series. Don’t see what you don’t want to see. But banning shows very little thinking. Nothing happens by getting banned. Now I will keep watching the series. Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed has also expressed displeasure. She writes – Rape is not going to stop by banning dance ad, banning web series. How can we be such a hipocrat. All just behind closed doors.

At the same time, the director of the series has also reacted to this dispute. He has written by tweeting – how surprising that this series is being closed where it has been made. In a country where many artists are coming together, they are trying something new. The series is being banned in the name of Moral Threat. Now this is not the first time such decisions have been taken in Pakistan. Many Bollywood films are also banned by Pakistan in this way. In his eyes, bold content is directly obscene and cannot be shown.


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