Pagglait: The meaning of death of a person is different for many people. Paglat explores family and relationships on the pretext of death. It is a search for life on the pretext of death. The director has kept the balance of comic and serious style in the story. Between changing family-social values, the Paglet Mirror works.

If we do not take decisions for our life, we will take others. If you want to go through something in life, then it is important to understand this. There are many important moments in life, when decisions are decisive. Who makes those important decisions for you. You or someone else. Netflix original paglat is the story of the turning point in the life of Sandhya Giri (Sanya Malhotra). The Lucknowi man named Aastik, who he married, traveled the world in five months. He never loved Sandhya. So Sandhya did not feel that she had lost anything in life. When everyone is mourned, Sandhya feels thirsty for Pepsi and chips. Everyone wants to take decisions about him in a family full of relatives. These decisions become more important when it is revealed that the husband had taken a life insurance policy of fifty lakhs and his only nominee is Sandhya.

Paglat opens the book of the relative-bookish behavior of relatives after the death of a human being. The death of a person has different meanings for every person. In which the wires from love-love to money transactions are connected. Paglat beautifully shows the fabric of these stars. The faces of mother-father, brother-friend, tau, uncle, aunt and aunt are all different in this. The search for happiness and loss in loss also goes on here. The parents of the girl hesitated at the idea of ​​taking her home that two more daughters are sitting there unawares, the same after the insurance of fifty lakhs, she tells her what to do in the in-laws’ house. While the in-laws are so open-minded that they want to find a bride for the daughter-in-law on the website of the divorced and widows, they decide that the money will remain in the house if Sandhya gets married to a young person of a family.

Pagglait Review: There is a lesson to live life on the pretext of death, here you will take your decisions only then you will move forward.

This is the reality of relationships. Which has been written by writer-director Umesh Bisht in a subtle, poignant and comic style. This family film is worth watching with the whole family. From the day of the believer’s death in the North Indian background, the mask on all the faces is removed from the thirteenth. The film says that there is no need to take anything seriously, except for yourself. The interesting thing is that while no one among the relatives is close to Sandhya, her friend Nazia (Shruti Sharma) is her companion of happiness and sorrow. In the new society being created through WhatsApp and social media, friendship is being seen twenty by continuous relationships.

Pagglait Review: There is a lesson to live life on the pretext of death, here you will take your decisions only then you will move forward.

Seeing this film by Umesh Bisht, it would be hard to believe that earlier he directed the film O Teri (2014) and wrote Hero (2015). Paglat is a film like Master Stroke. In which the army of experienced artists is awesome. Sanya Malhotra has emerged as a brilliant actress. After Photograph (2019), he again played a sensitive and memorable role. They have control over their expressions. Such films predict his long innings. Umesh Bisht selected the cast accurately. That is why Ashutosh Rana, Raghuveer Yadav, Rajesh Telang, Sheeba Chadha, Shruti Yadav to Chetan Sharma were seen in their roles. Sayoni Gupta’s character and track is different from the rest of the characters and she is grounded in it. The believer is nowhere to be seen in the film, but you find him all the time from the eyes of Sandhya. The scene becomes poignant when Sandhya forgives him.

Pagglait Review: There is a lesson to live life on the pretext of death, here you will take your decisions only then you will move forward.

Umesh Bisht has full control over Paglat. The script of the film is like butter, on which the story runs gallop. The dialogues have deep meaning. Like – not everyone is Sachin ‘Tendulkar’ and the thing which is not with himself, the other also does not like it. Nazia, the only Muslim character in Bisht’s film, breaks popular perceptions. She is not a non-vegetarian and also puts an offering in the fire. She lives comfortably in Sandhya’s Hindu family and does not mind that she is sent out and served food, her cup of tea is different. In the film, Umesh talks on many levels and all the cases are sometimes said in a light-hearted-comic manner and sometimes seriously. This is the time for such films and only through this will our cinema progress.


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