Today we are going to provide you the Shayari and dialogue of the film world, jinks, you can use it to narrate your heart, this film is the Shayari and dialogue of the world, so it will make you a hero in your friends, so let’s film Let’s see the best Shayari and dialogue of the world.

filmy status with the song:-

One is heart, one is life,
both you are sacrificed,
Ek dil hai, ek jaan hai
dono tujhpe qurbaan hai

Ishq bhi tu meri pyar bhi tu
my breath naz and hayat bhi tu
ishq bhi tu mera pyar bhi tu
meri saans nabz aur hayaat bhi tu

Filmy status for WhatsApp & Facebook in Hindi-Padmavati

You are my victory, you are my defeat, you are
my thirst and veneer too, you are
my secret and my mind, you are
meri jeet bhi tu, meri haar bhi tu
meri aas pyaas aur libaas bhi tu
mera raaz aur misaaj bhi tu

My love
a heart every morning and evening.
mere ishq ke har makaam mein
har subah mein aur shaam mein
Ek Dil hai

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