Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra continues to attack the Uttar Pradesh government. On Tuesday, Priyanka raised the issue of farmers and alleged that the farmers are upset due to reduced paddy sales in UP.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra wrote in her tweet, ‘Paddy farmers of UP are very upset. Paddy procurement is decreasing a lot, a small purchase is being made which includes Rs. The rate is getting less than 1200. This paddy was sold for Rs 3,500 in the Congress government. Farmers are being exploited in the name of moisture, probably for the first time that paddy is being sold cheaper than wheat.

Priyanka further wrote that in such a situation, the cost of the farmer will not come out. How will the farmer plant the next crop? The loot is going on in the electricity bill, the farmer will be forced into the debt trap. The UP government will intervene immediately and provide the right price to the farmer, otherwise the Congress Party will agitate.

Complaints have been reported from different areas of UP about the purchase of paddy, where farmers say that there is a lot of problem in selling at government centers. Even if the sale is going on, it is happening at very low prices.

Significantly, Priyanka Gandhi is constantly active in UP and is giving her opinion on every issue. The UP government is on Priyanka Gandhi’s target, whether it is the issue of Hathras or any issue related to the farmers.



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