There has been a protest against Pakistan on the International Mother Language Day in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka on Sunday. Cycle rally and seminar were organized during this period. Those who participated in it recalled the freedom movement and the role of Pakistan in suppressing the Bangla language.

The Bangladesh Social Activists Forum (BSAF), a major NGO that is the foundation of the country’s nationalist movement, held meetings and took out processions in various parts of the country. The speakers paid tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in the Bengali national movement and criticized the harsh rule of the Pakistani rulers who tried to suppress the Bengali national movement and the freedom struggle of Bangladesh.

In Dhaka, volunteers of the BSAF laid a wreath at the Dhaka Central Martyr Minar, followed by a rally through Dhaka University, the National Museum. Freedom fighters, intellectuals, scholars etc. participated in this ceremony.

During the rally, posters condemning Pakistan for a brutal attempt to suppress the Bengali language movement were displayed in 1952. In his address, the speakers resolved not to forget the atrocities committed by Pakistan on the Bengali people.

The speakers, in their address, recalled Pakistan’s bad intention of snatching Bangla language and culture through a ‘just Urdu’ policy, which was opposed by the freedom-loving Bengali population. Speakers recalled that Pakistan’s evil designs to control Bangladesh continued unabated and still in various forms. He pledged to oppose the nefarious designs of Pakistan and continue to fight for the freedom and freedom of the country.

The India-Bangladesh Harmony Association (BBSS) Welfare Association organized a cycle rally. About 135 people took part in the rally led by the president of the organization Taufiq Ahmad Tasafir. Speaking during the program, the speakers said that innocent Bangladeshis were tortured by Pakistani forces. They wanted to suppress the freedom of speech of the Bengali people. He said, ‘We will not forgive Pakistan who emptied a mother’s lap to speak in mother tongue. Those who did not accept their Bengali language, they cannot be our friends. ‘


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