After confusing the confessions of two policemen, including the then Area Inspector, on camera for apparent flaws in the police investigation in the Hathras case, the India Today Special Investigation Team has now found that one of the jailed suspects may be a habitual harasser.

Recall that the Dalit victim had alleged in one of her video statements that the attackers had tried to force her (rape) earlier too.

Visiting the victim’s village, India Today’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigated the allegation and reached out to the family, whose daughter was a close friend and cousin of the victim. Both cousins ​​shared all things among themselves.

The woman of this family said that her daughter is still a minor. This woman (aunt in the victim’s relationship) agreed to talk to the SIT of India Today.

“Suspect used to chase, molest, harass”

The woman and her husband insisted that one of the jailed suspects, Sandeep, used to molest and harass her in addition to chasing her niece.

The victim (who has now died) had also named Sandeep as an attacker in his video statement.

The victim’s aunt told India Today’s Investigation Reporters, “I am making a firm statement. That boy had molested her earlier as well.”

The reporter asked- “You mean Sandeep used to seduce her?”

Woman- “Yes, yes, we are giving definite proof. We have seen that only then he is saying. He misbehaved with the girl. He held her hand. The girl (victim) was going to the market with her mother. She went to the market. “No one can dare so much.”

“The suspect’s father knew about the son’s antics”

According to the woman, the victim’s father also complained to Sandeep about his misbehavior.

The woman said, “Wherever she used to go, he used to seduce her. Once when she was going to get some goods at a shop in the morning in the morning, she held her hand.”

Reporter- “How long has this been happening?”

Woman – “At least, it’s been a long time”

Reporter- “Did he (the victim) tell you about the harassment from Sandeep?”

Woman – “She spoke in front of everyone.”

According to the woman, the victim’s family had also complained to the father of the suspect (Sandeep).

Woman- “My brother (father of the victim) told him (to Sandeep’s father) why his daughter is being insulted? Why doesn’t he (Sandeep’s father) explain to his son? After this, he (Sandeep’s father) killed him too. He and other members of his family beat him (Sandeep). He was upset (with Sandeep). ”

Another suspect was boasting

The woman also alleged that another suspect, Lavkush, was bragging himself before our little boys without doing any shame themselves.

The woman said, “When the victim was in the hospital, Lavkush used to tell our boys, we ripped, tore, raped, what have you done to us.”

The victim named the suspect in front of the villagers

Another woman from the village (who claimed that she had gone to the place of crime after the incident was detected on 14 September) told India Today SIT, “When the villagers were in shock surrounded by her (the victim), she Took Sandeep’s name as an attacker in front of everyone. ”

The woman Bitoli Devi said- “We found her there. She was talking then. I did not ask her anything, but someone else asked who did this. So she said in front of everyone – Sandeep.”

Reporter- “What did people do then?”

Bitoli Devi replied – “Everyone has gone silent.”

Operation Hathras Part 1

Earlier, the SIT of India Today had arrested the then Inspector of Chandpa Police Station Dinesh Kumar Verma on camera for his negligence . Under the jurisdiction of this police station comes the place where the crime took place. Verma had confessed to neither seeing the victim at that time nor providing medical treatment to him.

Verma said, “My negligence was about not seeing (the victim), not providing (her) treatment and sending the constable with her (Hathras to Aligarh).”

Verma also confessed to not supporting the charges of raping the suspects, to which the charge was later added.

This month, the Uttar Pradesh government suspended Police Chief Vikrant Veer of Hathras district, DSP (Circle Officer) Ram Shabad, Inspector Verma, Senior Sub-Inspector Jagveer Singh and Head Constable Mahesh Pal.



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