On the last Monday of Adhimas (Purushottam), a large crowd of devotees thronged the mythical Prithvi Nath Bhimeshwar Mahadev located in Gonda district of UP. Baba Bholenath’s darshan and Jalabhishek, after the worship ceremony, the faces of the devotees blossomed. The temple complex and the sanctum sanctorum became resonant with Baba Bholenath’s shout.

In view of the corona virus, the Prithvinath temple was closed to devotees in March. The temple was opened to devotees since Monday following the order of the District Magistrate on Sunday. The administration had no idea that there would be such a crowd of devotees on Monday. A huge crowd of devotees gathered at the opening of the fourth quarter. In the temple premises, devotees stood in the circle waiting for their turn. The temple complex and the sanctum sanctorum became eerie with the bomb blasts, Har Har Mahadev. Devotees performed water worship with Ganga water, milk, flowers, Belpatras, and performed Jalabhishek. Vinay Kumar Pandey, senior sub-inspector of police station Khargupur, was posted with the police force in the temple premises.

Seven months later, the temple door opened: Due to the corona virus, the temple door opened to devotees on Monday. Due to the last Monday of Purushottam month, devotees from places like Balrampur, Shravasti, Bahraich etc. came and took a bath by offering Jalabhishek and worship. In the context of Ekona, Mishra tells that after seeing Baba Bholenath today after a long time, the mind got immense happiness. Rajendra Shukla, a devotee of Baba Bholenath, Rakesh Kumar told that Baba Bholenath will now end the corona virus, we have prayed for the peace of the country


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