On the 34th birthday of Kangana Ranaut, her mother worshiped, sister Rangoli shared photos

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut celebrated her 34th birthday on the previous day. On this occasion, he also received a lot of wishes and gifts. At the same time, Kangana’s mother also prayed for the daughter’s long life. Kangana’s sister Rangoli shared information about this by sharing photos on her Instagram handle. On Kangana’s birthday, his entire family was very happy and everyone has wished Kangana in her own way. Please tell that people of his family love Kangana very much.

Sister Rangoli, sharing photos on her Instagram handle, wrote, “Mother has specially organized poojas on your birthday. You have also won the fourth National Award and it is a matter of pride for us. We all are proud of you. Kangana.” Let me tell you that Kangana has recently won the fourth National Award. Kangana is receiving congratulations from all sides for this award.

Kangana’s fans react to the post 

It can be seen in the photos that Kangana’s mother is seen worshiping. At the same time, there are some food items in the second photo and which is specially made with the likes of Kangana. Many users have given their reaction on this photo. One user wrote, “Happy birthday to Kangana. Continue to move forward like this.” Another user wrote, “Seeing such a form of daughter’s birthday mother is a big thing in itself.” Another user praised Kangana, writing, “Congratulations Kangana for the fourth time National Award. You deserve it.”


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