Officials Have No Fault: Minister MB Rajesh Says Nisha’s Allegation Is Pure Nonsense, Political Ulterior Motive: Minister MB Rajesh has explained the incident in which Nisha, a native of Kollam Chavara, lost her government job after the official delayed reporting the vacancies by four seconds. He said that there was no failure at the official level in the incident and the news came to insult and belittle the officials who intervened.

The minister added that besides understanding the grief of the candidate who did not get the job, he should also meet the officers who worked at midnight and on holidays. In the explanation shared by Rajesh on Facebook, it is clear that there was a move to spread news against the government with a political ulterior motive.

The full version of MB Rajesh’s Facebook post;

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The allegation that LD Clerk 2018 delayed the notification of the vacancy to deliberately exclude the candidate from the rank list is baseless. As soon as the news in Malayalam Manorama came to our attention, we sought a report on this issue. A few LDC vacancies including NJD vacancies were reported on 28 March 2018, two days before the closing of the rank list.

12 vacancies in 6 districts were reported in this way. March 29 and 30 were holidays. The officials in charge of appointing clerks in all 14 districts have taken steps these days to complete the recruitment process on a war footing. Went to the residence of the head of the department to get permission and signed at 11.30 pm.

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Then the vacancy was reported to all district offices through email from 11.36. It is sent to Kannur and Ernakulam districts at 12 midnight. The appointment was given in Kannur, PSC did not give an appointment saying that the time of getting the mail in Ernakulam is 12:00 4 seconds. There is evidence that the time in the mail sent is 12 o’clock. Related screenshots are also attached.

The officials concerned have done a great job considering the closing of the rank list in March 2018. He came to the office on a holiday and worked till midnight and took care to report vacancies. Many of the vacancies thus reported have already joined the job during that period. Considering all this, it is clear that there is no failure at the official level.

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The said news is meant to insult and disparage the officials who made this intervention. I understand the grief of the candidate who did not get the job. Along with this, the officers who worked sincerely during midnight and on holidays should also be seen. There was a move to cover up the news against the government with political ulterior motives.

The strong strike of rank holders took place in the month of January-February 2021, which was noticed all over the state. The allegation that a candidate whose rank list expired three years ago was denied a job for participating in this strike is pure nonsense. This underlines that the news is only a deliberate political accusation against the government.

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If it is against the government, the news is given regardless of the facts, and then when the real facts are brought out, the method of giving an explanation for the name is repeated. But, by then, the untrue news will have gained a lot of publicity. There is no excuse for not investigating the facts before reporting on this issue.


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