Fortune depends on the combination of planets and stars. How will this week go? Body and health will be okay? This week’s horoscope (Horoscope) told Amitabh Banerjee.


Chances of improvement in job and business success this week. Curb savings for extra expenses. Beware of some friends. Will be worried about the child. Pay extra attention to adolescent children. You will find new income through the efforts of wife and in-laws. Good news may come in the students’ studies. By the end of the week, the advice of elders resolves marital disputes.


Fortune will be kinder this week than previous weeks. You will get success in most of the work during this time. Even if you give skill and hard work at work, you will not get recognition accordingly. Beware of hidden enemies. Success in higher education of girl child will make your face shine. Funds will be available to purchase new vehicles. Newlyweds may face danger while traveling after marriage.


At the beginning of the week, the money problems that have been going on for a long time will gradually pass away. There will be a happy atmosphere in the house. Don’t lose confidence even if there is a downturn in business. Be more energetic to protect land and property. Even if there are many problems in married life, do not try to break the relationship. Avoid risky activities.


Although money is the key to life, refrain yourself from doing dishonest work to earn money. During this time there will be concern about mother’s health. Job seekers should try small business from home. It will also bring success. Don’t always accept the child’s unfair demands. Elderly people should walk carefully on the roads. At this time, their accidents can be observed.

the lion

Fortunes will continue to fluctuate. But do not be upset about this. Try to leave the bad associations or you may get into trouble with the police. Professionals, artists will have better financial condition. Individuals working in private sector should try to change jobs. Maintain good relationship with siblings. It will keep your peace of mind.



There will be some problems in life at the beginning of the week. But the problem will be solved very soon. You can profit from lottery or shares. Even if the opportunity comes for the child to study abroad, going for money can get stuck. Even if you spend money and labor for the family, you will not get the price of your love and sincerity.


This week will be in your favor as compared to previous weeks. This time old obstacles will be removed. Better not to invest extra in the business. One’s indifference can lead to problems at work. Disagreement with wife over children can lead to court of law. Contractors may miss out on any profitable work. Don’t spend beyond your means to please others.



This week natives of this zodiac sign will be financially stable. Unexpected income can come. Businessmen should be more conscious in conducting business. Misbehavior of children can cause turmoil in the family. You may suffer from stomach problems in the middle of the week. You can benefit from past investments. Reduce expenses and focus on savings.


Treat subordinates well at work. Try to listen to their opinion as well. Failure to pay attention to the studies of young children will result in poor exam results. In the case of buying and selling property, you can fall prey to fraudsters. Even if you do your duty to your parents, you will not get good treatment from them. An end to misunderstandings in married life.



Physical suffering may be a bit more this week. Increasing success and popularity of political leaders and social activists. Possibility of transfer for advancement at work. You can get peace of mind with the success of your child. Natives associated with the entertainment industry may receive government recognition for their work success. Do not favor anyone unnecessarily. A lot of money is likely at the end of the week.


Fortunes will continue to fluctuate. Avoid arguments at work and in social settings during this time. Fear of loss from an allied friend. Pay extra attention to adolescent girls. Job seekers will get new job opportunities. Good opportunities for emotional excitement and excitement may be missed. Marriage problem of unmarried people.



Even if it is an expensive week, money will not be strained. You can think about starting a new business with the efforts of your wife. Don’t disappoint your family by making false promises. Castes associated with farming try to save crops from natural calamities. Beware of insect-borne diseases. At this time, consult a doctor for any physical problem.

ll Without dasha and antardasha the horoscope is not infallible. Only in the presence of Rasi will the Gochar result partially match ll


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