Senior Supreme Court Justice NV Ramana will be the next Chief Justice of the country. Current Chief Justice S.A. Bobde has sent a recommendation for his name to the government. Recently, the government had asked him to send his name as his successor. Chief Justice S.A. Bobde is scheduled to retire from his post on 23 April. After this, NV Ramana will be seen working as the Chief Justice of the apex court. Current Chief Justice S.A. NV Ramana is the most senior judge of the Supreme Court after Bobde. His term will be till 26 August 2022.

NV Ramana, who hails from Andhra Pradesh, was elected as a permanent judge in the Andhra Pradesh High Court in the year 2000. He was in the Delhi High Court before his appointment as a Supreme Court judge in February 2014. 63-year-old Nuthalapathy Venkate Ramana started her judicial career on February 10, 1983. He started as a lawyer from Andhra Pradesh.

More than 45 years of judicial experience, knowledgeable in constitutional matters

He then practiced in Andhra Pradesh High Court, Andhra Pradesh Administrative Tribunal as well as Supreme Court. He is considered to be an expert on constitutional, criminal and inter-state river water sharing laws. NV Ramana, who has a long experience of nearly 45 years, has been a part of the constitutional bench which has heard many important decisions of the Supreme Court.


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