The nursery admission process to fill the pre-primary seats of private schools in the capital Delhi is going to start from 18 February. Private schools have started preparations for this, while the Directorate has also made complete preparations to make the process transparent. Under this, the directorate will supervise schools at the district level.

To make the nursery admission process transparent, the Directorate of Education has set up a monitoring cell at the district level. This cell will work under the chairmanship of the Director of District Education. The Directorate of Education has also set the responsibilities of SAIL, under which SAIL will monitor all private schools and ensure that the guidelines issued by the school directorate are adhered to. The responsibility of SAIL will be to upload the admission process and point system on the official website of the directorate on behalf of the schools by the date fixed by the directorate. At the same time, the monitoring cell will listen to complaints related to the nursery admissions as well as settle them. SAIL will also ensure that the school uploads the list of all the children applying on the website with marks before releasing the admission list.

Parents can make a written complaint The
Directorate of Education has made arrangements to complain about the arbitrary and opaque attitude of schools in the nursery admission process. Under this, parents can make their complaints on the Directorate website by visiting the link to the Grievance Redressal and Monitoring Cell.

Schools cannot ask for donations for admission. Schools cannot ask for donations
from parents in lieu of enrolling children in the nursery admission process. The Directorate has clarified that the Delhi High Court in one of its orders prohibited donation in lieu of admission. If a school demands donation, it can be fined, which can be up to 10 times the amount of donation sought.


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