NTU Exam Paper Leak: 218 NTU Psychology Students, Paper Was Leaked Online, School Apologises Over Retest

NTU Exam Paper Leak: 218 NTU Psychology Students, Paper Was Leaked Online, School Apologises Over Retest: NTU psychology students must retake the test after the question paper is withdrawn, the school said to ensure accuracy

SINGAPORE – A total of 218 students, who are studying psychology, at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) will retake the exam after the paper was first published online.

The test, which took place at 9:30 in the morning on November 7, was conducted in two settings at the same time. Most students took the test in person while those with Covid-19 took it online.

Some sophomores of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) were required to retake their final module exams after the report was posted on the school’s education portal about 20 minutes before students were ready to take it. The NTU School of Social Sciences confirmed the incident and apologized to the students for retaking the exam.

Exam papers are out

One student, who wants to be known as K, a year 2 psychology student reported for the final exam of the HP2200 core module, Biological Psychology, on November 2. from 7 to 9:30 a.m. The test is worth 40% of the grade. About 20 minutes before the exam began, students were informed that the question had been uploaded to NTU’s online learning portal, Blackboard.

Students who see a notification on their phones can see the test questions before the test starts. Studying at university can be stressful, especially at the end of the year when exams and deadlines are coming up.

Retaking the test will add to the stress. Unfortunately, 218 psychology students at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) had to do this as their test papers were withdrawn just 20 minutes before their exams.

The school apologized for the incident but said the trial was necessary for the interest of justice. These students took the exam on November 7

NTU Exam Paper Leak: 218 NTU Psychology Students, Paper Was Leaked Online, School Apologises Over Retest

Second-year psychology students took their final semester exams on Nov. 7 and 9: 30 am, Shin Min Daily News reported.

It is for the module named HP2200 Biological Psychology, said Associate Professor Chia Wai Mun, Dean (Academic) of the School of Social Sciences. He told the newspaper that many students have already entered the laboratory, although some who have tested positive for Covid-19 are taking the test at a distance.

Both groups of students started the exam at the same time. However, it is likely that there is no indication that chaos will come.

Imagine that you have completed the final exam of a module and are relieved that you have cleared one of the many modules you need to study. Then suddenly the school announces that you have to repeat the exam because of the leaked papers.

Readers: Damn, what a disappointment. This is exactly what happened to 218 two-year psychology students at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).
Exclusion of the questionnaire

On November 7 at 9:30 am, the final exam of HP2200, Biological Psychology, was held in two different situations. While most students took the test in the amphitheater, those with COVID-19 took it online.

The question was posted on NTU Blackboard, the university’s online learning platform, 20 minutes before the exam. Not the first academic misconduct:

Well, since COVID-19 made its “glorious presence” in Singapore, many university exams in Singapore have moved online.

Some students have brainwashed themselves to pass by blocking their computers from accessing the internet during exams instead of studying for it. According to TODAYonline, college students who cheat on exams may be doing more than that based on an interview he did in April of this year.

The students said it was easy to cheat in the first place because the university had to offer many students limited time to take online exams. However, universities are implementing other safeguards, such as requiring students to turn on their webcams and using software to prevent them from switching tabs to search for answers on Google.

Even so, there are still smart people who manage to cheat.

Of the 13 current and recent students surveyed by TODAYonline, seven said they had cheated or helped someone do so in the past two years.

All students and recent graduates spoke to TODAYonline on condition of anonymity

If there are already many people who have declared in the media, imagine how many of them have actually cheated. Regarding NTU, only a small number of tests were conducted online during this pandemic. For those that are, “other controls are introduced to prevent cheating”, such as time monitoring from a second device. Imagine that one of these students will be your doctor in the future.
The question paper is uploaded online before the exam

However, just 20 minutes before the exam started, NTU’s online learning portal, Blackboard, sent out a message. “I didn’t see the blackboard notice myself,” K told Mothership, “but several students told a professor in the NTU undergraduate office about the leaked document.”

Notice was given to resume school three days later

Three days after the report, on November 10 at 5:06 in the evening, students received an email from the school telling them that all students must resume the test on November 1. 14.

The email, seen by Mothership, said the school and program met to discuss the incident. He added that “there is enough evidence to show that the integrity of the final test before the actual physical test took place”.

From there, they reached an agreement to cancel the first test held on November 11. 7 and ask all students to repeat the test.

On the evening of November 11. On the 10th, the school sent another email indicating that the school had received a response to the new test scheduled for next Monday.

Following this, a Zoom discussion session was organized to listen to and address students’ concerns on November 1. 11.

According to K, at its peak, more than 140 students were on transfer. He said that the question paper for the exam they are taking has been uploaded on the portal.

This is an opportunity for students. The university has not yet commented on how this happened.
218 NTU students were invited to retake the exam

However, when NTU found out, they said all affected students should retake the exam. A total of 218 students were affected, Professor Chia said.

During the session, there was a discussion about modifying the tested content or shortening the test process, shared K. In addition, they also participated in a poll to decide the best day for recovery.

Additional information

“There was general anger about the announcement that the newspaper would be revised. Many other students said that they were very sad in response to this,” said K about the general feeling of the affected students.

However, Chia Wai Mun, president (academic) of the School of Social Sciences, told Mothership that after contacting the affected students, the school understood that the students “have accepted that the new test is something to be done “. K hoped that “NTU corrects its error properly (by releasing the paper before the exam) and (makes) the students pay for their editing error by redoing all the papers.”

“However, this conversation is used to tell the students clearly that there is nothing they can do about their mistakes,” K tells parents.

K mentions the first trial date (Nov. 14) falls on “the busiest week of the school semester with lots of homework” for students.

K added that the psychology team has at least three important points before the exam – for the module HW0208 Academic Communications in Social Sciences, HP2100 Personality Psychology and CC0007 Science and Technology for Humanity – in addition to studying for their final project. He added that the school apologized for asking students to do that and that it was “deeply saddened by what happened.

However, the new test is necessary to ensure it is fair for every student, he said. NTU will take steps to prevent future incidents

In view of this incident, NTU has promised to review its examination process.

If necessary, they will take action to prevent this kind of thing from happening again in the future, Professor Chia said. He added that the students involved generally agree that the experiment is fair.

The school is discussing with the students about the appropriate date for the new test. It seems that the date for the new test has not been confirmed, as Chia told Mothership that the school is still working with students on the appropriate date.

A thorough review of the research process

We are deeply saddened by what happened. We apologize to the students for repeating the test, but this is necessary to ensure every one is fair,” Chia said in a statement from Mothership.

Chia added that many students took the exam in the amphitheater and a group of students who were positive for Covid-19 took the online version of the exam administered by the university. All students took one book and started at the same time. The school “finally found out” that the exam had been uploaded to the platform before the exam began.

Chia did not say when the school discovered the water or other details about the incident. The school confirmed that 218 students were affected.

“We will conduct a thorough review of our investigation process and take the necessary measures to avoid similar incidents in the future,” Chia said. However, the school later discovered that the exam papers had been posted on the student learning platform before the exam.

Associate Professor Chia Wai Mun of NTU’s School of Social Sciences said: ‘We are deeply saddened by what happened. We apologize to students for repeating the test, but this is necessary to ensure everyone is correct.

He said the school contacted affected students who generally agreed that it was okay to conduct new tests. The school is still working with students on the appropriate dates for the new exams. Professor Chia added that the school will conduct a thorough review of its research process and take necessary measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.


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