NS To Use The Name Higuita, Need Madhavan’s Permission?: Disputes over the copyright of the name Higuita have been heating up for the past few days. Hemant G. The controversy started with the release of the first look poster of the film Higuita directed by Nair.

The first look poster of the film starring Suraj Venjaramood and Dhyan Srinivasan was released on November 28. The film is written by Hemant G. Nair and is based on football and politics.

After the release of the title poster of the film, NS Madhavan tweeted that it is sad that he will not have any rights over the name of his famous story ‘Higvita’ when the film is released with the name ‘Higvita’.
“No writer in any language has been as forgiving as I am. All I can say as a writer is this is sad.” That was NS Madhavan’s response on Twitter. This is where the Higuita controversy started.


N.S. Following Madhavan’s letter, the Film Chamber intervened in the controversy. The Film Chamber said that ‘Higvita’ is a famous short story by NS Madhavan and to give that name, we need to take his permission. The makers of the film are preparing to take legal action against the chamber’s position.After the controversy arose, many prominent people from the social, political, and cultural fields came forward for and against Madhavan.

At least Malayalam readers know Higuita as N.S. Poet and Sahitya Akademi Chairman K. Satchidanandan said. Satchidanandan also demanded that the government intervene in this matter.

N.S. on the issue of Higuita. Writer Benjamin said that he does not support Madhavan. But he said in his Facebook post that there is no way to talk about the dual nature of filmmakers.


But for the short story, N. S. Director Venu asked who gave the permission to name Madhavan Higuita. The controversy is changing to the point that no one in Kerala would have known about Higuita if it was not for Madhavan. There are so many people in Kerala who know football and Higuita. Higuita’s Paternity in Malayalam N.S. Venu said that they should ask the Film Chamber if it is Madhavan.

N.S. Opponents of Madhavan’s argument say how one get the rights to the name of a world-famous goalie. Those taking a stand against NS Madhavan have specific reasons.

N.S. They point out that there are Malayalees who have heard the name Higuita even before hearing Madhavan’s story. There is no need to mention how much the people of Kerala love sports, including football, especially in the context of this World Cup. They also point out that Kerala is a country with more football lovers than short story readers.


After asking Higuita’s permission, N.S. Meanwhile, everyone is asking what Madhavan used in his story. A leader named Gandhi lived in India. Stories, poems and films have been released in India and abroad under the name of Gandhi. Some on social media point out that Higuita is just like Gandhi.

Social Media NS asks how one can say they invented Higuita and how one can stick with that name. asks Madhavan.



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