NS Ridiculed Anjali Menon’s Statement: Those Who Do Not Know How To Make Dosa Have No Right To Say That It Is Not Good: Director Anjali Menon’s statement about film criticism was very controversial. Anjali Menon said that the review should be done after learning about the process of making the film. Writer NS Madhavan has come up with a ridicule against this statement of Anjali Menon.

‘ Anjali Menon went to a bakery and ordered dosa and after eating it, she said that the dosa was bad. The shopkeeper: Madam, those who do not know how to make dosa do not have the right to say that it is not good.’ Madhavan’s sarcasm.

Anjali Menon’s remark was a hot topic among moviegoers. Earlier, director Jude Anthony Joseph also came forward to respond to the issue. Judd said that he did not study any course even to direct and that he is an audience who watches movies with his hard-earned money. Jude’s note did not mention Anjali Menon’s name.


Meanwhile, in an interview given to Film Companion, the director talked about film criticism. Anjali Menon said that it will be beneficial for everyone to review after understanding the various stages and processes of filmmaking.

She said that commenting on social media before watching a movie and commenting that it lags without understanding the editing is very irresponsible.

Commenting on a movie without watching it is irresponsible. I’ve seen a tweet after the first few episodes, a tweet at the interval, and a tweet at the end. A lot of it is related to the fans, but it is irresponsible to do so. I want to tell them that if they have not gone to see the movie then watch the whole movie first.


It is very important for reviewers to be aware of the film process. However, reviewers often do not have such a background.

I always laugh when I hear that the movie is lagging. Before making such comments, you should at least know what editing is. The director must have decided a pace for his film. You should understand that and the theme of the movie.

I welcome comments on technical areas. I believe that film criticism is very important. I also love reading reviews from movie critics. At the same time, it is equally important to be aware of the media being reviewed,’ said Anjali Menon.

Later, Anjali Menon came to explain the statements she made. Anjali Menon said that she was talking about the professional review and that she respects the opinions and reviews of the audience. Anjali shared the explanatory note through Instagram.


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