In Uttar Pradesh politics, a new battle has started in the name of DNA. Samajwadi Party has said that UP CM Yogi Adityanath should get his DNA tested, nothing will be found except hatred. This statement of the Samajwadi Party has come in response to the statement of CM Yogi, in which he attacked the opposition including Congress and said that there is a division in the DNA of some people, they first divided the country and are now dividing the people. 

Samajwadi Party has reacted strongly to this statement of CM Yogi. Samajwadi Party spokesperson and MLC Sunil Singh Sajan has said that the statement of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh that there is division in the DNA of the opposition is embarrassing. 

The SP attacked CM Yogi and said, “Yogi ji, do a DNA test and see that nothing will be found in your DNA except hatred. Hate is filled in the DNA of the entire Bharatiya Janata Party.”

SP spokesman Sunil Singh Sajan, while firing a political arrow on the CM, said that you know about your ideological masters or not, do you know the history of them? Your ideological mentors were informants, helpers of the British. 

The SP leader said that he has given statements against the revolutionaries, they are recorded in the document. The SP leader further said, “How can you say that only you are lovers of the country, the rest are anti-nationals. You must test your DNA, nothing will be found other than hatred.”

Let us know that on Saturday, CM Yogi said that dangerous thinking has become part of the opposition’s DNA.

CM Yogi had said that when the whole country was in zeal and enthusiasm over the Supreme Court’s decision on Ram temple, some people were plotting to incite riots in the state. 


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